Extending fitness to provide safety on Honda's factory floor

Published by HealthFitness on February 23rd, 2022

Honda is a multinational automotive manufacturer with 9,000 non-union employees working in three shifts across three facilities. The employee population is a mix of those nearing retirement and those who are younger, new hires. Since 2010, HealthFitness has served as a Honda’s trusted partner by providing fitness management and programming to Honda’s three wellness centers.

On the factory floor, Honda was seeing more injuries, resulting in increased OSHA recordable rates, absenteeism, and short- and long-term disability. As a result, Honda turned to HealthFitness to extend its fitness offerings and incorporate a holistic approach to safety, helping Honda employees achieve optimal wellbeing.

Nearly 3 million on-the-job injuries occur each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While not all are considered serious, more than one-third of on-the-job injuries require time off work in order to recover. The highest contributor to these cases is musculoskeletal injuries, and specifically back injuries.

Honda wanted to help employees remain at work and return to work after injuries while helping them move smarter and more efficiently.

Honda partnered with HealthFitness to design and deliver employee-centered injury prevention and early detection programs on the factory floor. This includes expanding the safety team from one person to 15 full-time injury prevention professionals to launch a new hire program, line-side coaching and an early intervention program.

The solution includes safe work techniques, new hire follow-ups, area-specific stretches, pre-shift warm-ups, enhanced work conditioning and department placement.

As a result of the new hire program, 97% of new hires did not report a MSD incident within the first 90 days.

In addition, 93% of incidents did not become an OSHA recordable — with an estimated cost avoidance of $11.6 million — due to the early intervention program.

Finally, 94% of employees who self-reported soreness experienced relief through line-side coaching, resulting in $30,605 in cost savings by staying on the line and 1,325 hours of time saved away from work.

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