Prenatal support with health coaching

Published by HealthFitness on July 20th, 2023

As a first-time expectant mother, Angela was early in her pregnancy when she reached out to HealthFitness Health Coach Erica for support and guidance through her company’s wellness program. “I knew that nutrition was important for a healthy pregnancy and I wanted to ensure the greatest health outcomes for me and my baby,” Angela says.

Connecting and caring
As a health coach, Erica provides guidance and support to help employees achieve lasting change and better health and wellness outcomes.” Adopting new health habits (and breaking current ones) can be challenging,” Erica says. “I help employees set and reach goals, overcome obstacles and stay encouraged.”
Health Coach Erica also served as a credible source as Angela sifted through the misinformation and conflicting advice in the media about how to have a healthy pregnancy. “I would often read and try to follow all of nutrition information from the so-called experts,” says Angela. “As a result, I would worry and become anxious—and I knew that wasn’t good for my baby.”
Starting with small steps
Angela appreciated Erica’s approach to start with the building blocks and focus on the basics of nutrition. “When I went to extremes to follow all of the nutritional rules for prenatal nutrition, Erica helped me be more reasonable and stop being so hyper-focused—she knew exactly what I needed,” Angela says. “Erica has a wealth of knowledge and served as a vital touch point for me. In fact, throughout my pregnancy I had my regular doctor appointments and I had my health coach appointments. Each type was vital for my healthy pregnancy.”
Health Coach Erica also taught Angela how to take small steps to support her overall wellness and boost her resiliency. “Instead of focusing on all of the restrictions, she helped me become more mindful, moderate my fears and share ideas that I could easily implement.”
Caring and connection
Angela and Erica met every other week throughout her pregnancy and developed a strong connection—all the way through the birth of the baby Zeke and beyond. “Angela sent me photos of Zeke and after she returned to work we started meeting again—only this time we talk about the stages of the baby’s growth such as sleeping and eating challenges, in addition to nutrition and healthy meal preparation.”
Health Coach Erica uses an encouraging and supportive approach in her meetings with Angela. “When I am calm, Angela is calm,” Erica says. “When she tells me she doesn’t have time for regular exercise, or that she is tired from the baby not sleeping, I reassure her that everything is OK. This is only a stage. This will not last forever and she will someday get some sleep.”
Today, Angela enjoys her 20-month old baby boy and sings the praises of the coaching program to her co-workers. “Most people think health coaching is for weight loss, but the program offers so much more,” she says. “Health Coach Erica continues to give me confidence and ideas as I navigate this ‘survival mode’ part of my life.”
As a result, Angela and Zeke are enjoying a healthy, happy new chapter of toddlerhood. “I appreciate having such a wise, warm, helpful expert in my corner. Erica is worth her weight in gold. She has truly changed my life.”

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