Creating connections with fitness challenges

Published by HealthFitness on July 18th, 2021

If 80 percent of success is just showing up, then Eddie must be very successful. He got started with fitness early, incorporating exercise into his routine since he was 13. “I really amped up my physical training in high school. I love soccer and was playing competitively all the time,” says Eddie.

Committing to fitness

But staying active at work was challenging before Eddie started with his current employer. He can tell that the company has a strong focus on wellness and has made a commitment to providing resources for employees to pursue active and healthy lifestyles. “It's so great to work at a company that provides a fitness center and that encourages employees to use it,” he says.

Soon after he started with the company, the HealthFitness team welcomed Eddie as a new member and introduced him to services suited to his personal wellness goals. Within a few weeks of becoming a member, Eddie was taking fitness classes in addition to using the center's exercise equipment.

“I was never a fan of classes, but the folks at the fitness center are super helpful, and they are always challenging me,” he says. Eddie enjoys a variety of class formats including yoga, cycling and barre. His favorites are the early morning 15-minute core and the 30-minute lunchtime cardio classes. “They provide the means for an excellent way to start the day or get revived for the afternoon.”

What he's really come to love are the fitness challenges, especially those that involve some type of friendly competition between teams. These provide him the opportunity to connect with coworkers throughout the company. “I've made tons of friends at work through the fitness center,” he says.

Eddie's been on fitness challenge teams with his manager and several other coworkers. He says that many of the colleagues he met through fitness challenges have helped provide him with career advice as well. “The amount of networking I was able to do at the fitness center was truly remarkable. It’s amazing how many people you can meet while sharing the goal of creating a healthier lifestyle.”

Showing up may be a key to Eddie's success, but he also gives credit to his employer for bringing the fitness center and its staff to him. “Staff members are just the best. They get to know you on a personal level. They'll ask about your family and your dogs while they show you how to use the newest piece of equipment. I’m so grateful for having this fitness center and would urge others to visit the center as well.”

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