Three HR questions to ask before hiring a corporate fitness company

Published by HealthFitness on November 27th, 2023

Research shows employees are working longer, spending time in more meetings and keeping up with more communication channels. (1) In addition, many companies have reorganized their HR teams – which means today’s benefits directors now must do more work with fewer people. (2)

As a result, there are not enough hours in the day for benefits directors to meet the needs of everyone. They must rely on valuable partners to extend their reach as they are tasked with shifting priorities around benefits offerings. (3)

If finding a new corporate fitness solution provider has been added to your growing list of duties, we can help. The right provider brings much more to the table than fitness management—they bring HR support and can own the recruitment, retention, and staff development that you would normally have to provide.

If you’re looking for a company to extend your reach instead of adding to your HR and benefits workload, here are the top three questions to ask when hiring a corporate fitness management company—and the answers that ensure HR support.

Question 1: How do you find and hire employees who will be a good fit for my company’s culture?

Answer: Consider a vendor with a dedicated talent acquisition program.

HealthFitness does not outsource our recruiting efforts. We have a dedicated team that sources talent and screens candidates only for HealthFitness. Our standards are high and our team prospects and qualifies candidates who are specific to your company’s culture. Our dedicated talent acquisition team removes your burden of posting jobs, recruiting and interviewing for the positions. We will involve you as much or as little as you want.

The HealthFitness team is consistent in quality and has a strong understanding of your needs from the first day on the job. Carefully selected to fit your organization, your program manager, for example, will be your strategic partner in building the right program for your participants today and maturing it over time. They will manage the program, providing a seamless experience, integrating HealthFitness offerings with your other benefits, so that everyone benefits.

Question 2: How do you retain and invest in your employees?

Answer: Consider more than a staffing agency.

Turnover is costly. The average cost of replacing an unskilled employee rings in at around 50% of the employee's salary. The cost of replacing a higher-level employee can soar up to and above 150 percent of the employee's salary. (4)

And retention/turnover was the top workforce management challenge cited by 47 percent of HR professionals in the SHRM/Globoforce survey. (5)

HealthFitness is not a staffing agency. We treat employees with respect and our employees enjoy a variety of health and financial benefits and receive competitive pay. We provide personal and professional support, training and development and flexible employment opportunities. In addition, our team is structured to provide support and employees have access to a large network of people for best practice sharing and problem solving.

HealthFitness offers referral bonuses, may fund or reimburse required certifications, and provides pre-tax commuter benefits and more. This is all designed to make employment with HealthFitness attractive and to fill open positions quickly and with the best talent.

Question 3: How do you determine how to staff the fitness program? 

Answer: Consider a thoughtful staffing model that is a not “one size fits all” approach.

The staffing model and plan for each client site is unique and thoughtfully planned out with the expertise of our HealthFitness HR business partners, talent acquisition team and compensation specialists. Whether your program requires a staff of 100 people or five, we tailor to your program needs and align the right roles to your goals, basing the staffing models off more than only employee population and square footage of the fitness facility.

As a result, you are not just getting employees, you are receiving an accurately built team that is customized to what you’re trying to accomplish for your employee population. Once the team is implemented, it will work—and work the first time—eliminating the need for more change management from you.

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