Health screening options to reach all employees.

Help your employees identify health issues and engage in healthier behaviors, through a biometric health screening.

How does it work?

  • Planned on your behalf by a HealthFitness event coordinator, delivered by LabCorp Employer Services (LES) using a single-station model and Cholestech LDX finger stick.
  • Data transmission within 24 hours.
  • Additional options include: flu vaccines, A1c dried blood spotting test, cotinine, body composition, waist measurement, venipuncture events, Registered Dietitian and additional coaching.

Participant experience

  • Uses tablet process and includes appointment reminder texts and calendar functions.
  • Provides a baseline assessment of an individual’s health status using height, weight, BMI and blood pressure.
  • Results review includes a personal report of optimal ranges, explanation of desirable ranges and referral to primary care provider.
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