Drive engagement and create a culture of health.

Help employees focus on health with fun, interactive challenges that can be done individually or as a team, in person or virtually. Topics include nutrition, physical activity and stress management, all designed with action-oriented activities.

How does it work?

  • National challenges: participants compete with coworkers throughout the country, fostering a sense of community with dispersed and remote workers. Includes eight opt-in challenges and reporting from individual, client-specific and nationwide results.
  • HealthFitness’ library: developed by our Engagement Professionals, offers new challenges regularly, flexible timing and scalability and option to brand.
  • Custom challenges: created for you by our Engagement Professional, with content focused on addressing specific population needs, including the option to target behaviors and activities and the opportunity to engage wellness committees.
  • Health Enhancement Systems (preferred vendor): online-only, adjustable program length/timing, option to brand and includes daily or weekly emails and resources.

 Participant experience

  • Fun activities focused on daily healthy habits, with supportive resources, social options and a variety of topics.
  • Flexible options include individual or team participation, virtually or in person to help attract a wide variety of interests.
  • Rewardable incentives (optional).

Learn more

Contact us to learn more about adding fitness and wellness challenges to your wellness programming, contact your HealthFitness representative for more information.