Driving employee engagement and participation.

Our on-site engagement professionals:

  • Create a personal connection to guide participants toward better health and well-being
  • Serve as the “face” of the program and the main resource for your employees
  • Help increase program participation and engagement

How our engagement professionals increase participation in your wellness program:

  • 58% increase in screening participation
  • 43% increase in health advising participation
  • 21% increase in coaching enrollment
  • 33% increase, on average, in overall program participation

How our engagement professionals improve your wellness program:

  • Creates annual plans for program, including promotion and engagement activities
  • Tracks participant/program data to measure goals, outcomes and results
  • Promotes wellness culture
  • Provides oversight and direction for wellness incentive
  • Integrates with company and community events
  • Serves as your daily point of contact and primary liaison to HealthFitness
  • Partner with your other departments, teams and wellness vendors, including cafeterias, human resources and more!

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