Weaving education into wellness programming to inspire action.

Our education programs are created by health professionals with deep subject matter knowledge and expertise in behavior change, and preferred learning styles and environments. Topics range from overall wellbeing to lifestyle risks and healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Education is woven into wellness programming, using a variety of engaging formats and modalities, to close knowledge gaps and inspire action:

Integrated education on our platform

  • Health improvement programs—Interactive offerings based on a person’s interests. Composed of a variety of tasks, such as read an article, watch a short video, take a brief quiz, or track an activity.
  • Health and wellbeing resource library—A diverse collection of educational content, including articles, guides, calculators and trusted links that can be quickly searched and accessed.
  • Tip of the Day—Topical, informative and actionable tips. Participants may opt in to receive daily emails to help keep them connected with your wellness program.

Group education

  • Meet ups—Fun, quick 10 minute learning opportunities in a convenient setting, with key takeaways.
  • Seminars—30- to 60-minute sessions, in a social setting with handouts and actionable tips.
  • Series classes—Four to six sessions (30-60 minutes each), offer a cohesive learning experience and skill-building opportunities.
  • Weight management program—Eight interactive sessions (45-60 minutes), key takeways and a robust toolkit of resources designed to help participants create a personalized path to success. 
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