Occupational Health

Infusing health in your organization extends to providing a healthy work environment.

HealthFitness’ JOBFIT® occupational health programs and services can help you reduce on-the-job injury and discomfort, enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

We offer a range of occupational health services focused on prevention and wellness, as well as early intervention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our occupational health services include:

  • Functional job analysis and job descriptions, offering you a structured process to identify and quantify the physical components of work tasks
  • Post-offer, pre-work screenings to determine if a worker’s abilities match job demands
  • Ergonomic risk analysis and workstation assessments (face-to-face and remote delivery models);
  • Injury prevention education and training, including safe work practices, back and upper extremity, warm-up/stretching, conditioning/strengthening/flexibility exercises
  • Job-specific work conditioning programs
  • Early intervention/first aid to address early signs and symptoms prior to the need for medical evaluation and treatment
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Health Advocacy

HealthFitness helps your employees with advocacy services, provided telephonically by highly qualified associates.