Personalized Support

We leverage an evidence-based health assessment, screenings and advanced analytics to identify health risks and align the right expert to connect with each individual. Informed by this data, skilled health advisors engage your employees at an entry point suited to their current health status and level of motivation.

Health Screeners

HealthFitness partners with clients to bring accurate, organized screenings on-site, maximizing employee participation and making the screening process more efficient and cost effective. We design and implement successful biometric screening events using our trained associates. And we keep events on schedule.

All HealthFitness screeners hold a bachelor’s degree in a health field or a nursing degree, or have experience as a paramedic, medical assistant and/or phlebotomist with the appropriate certification and/or licensure. Each screener also holds current first aid and CPR certifications.

Health Advisors

Our advisors are not telemarketers. They are experienced health educators who conduct dynamic conversations with participants about their screening and health risk assessment results.

All HealthFitness health advisors have a bachelor’s degree in health education and are trained to assess readiness to change. Their training includes use of positive psychology and behavior change techniques to guide participants toward action. Engagement is our priority, so our health advisors work proactively to answer questions and link participants to the right programs for them.


To match your participants with the right resource at the right time, our coaching program provides an interdisciplinary team: a health coach, an advanced practice coach and a nurse coach.

Our coaches know where participants stand on the health management journey, what the next step should be and what lifestyle management programs to guide them into—whether client- or HealthFitness-sponsored.

  • Health coaches work with your participants to address lifestyle areas that most impact health risk—physical activity, nutrition and related areas (e.g., weight, cholesterol), smoking and stress. All of our health coaches have a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in a health-related field. Many are also certified or licensed in health education, dietetics, exercise physiology and mental health.
  • Often, individuals with chronic conditions need help with lifestyle goals and the behaviors that support healthy changes. Our advanced-practice coaches are our senior health coaches who have received additional training in clinical guidelines for chronic condition management so they understand the extra complexities these conditions may bring to the coaching process.
  • Our nurse coaches are just that—nurses who are skilled in helping participants understand and engage with their clinical care plan, and who are also trained in the behavior change techniques that make our coaching so effective. Every nurse coach is required to be a registered nurse with a minimum of three to five years in a clinical setting.
Health Advocates

Health advocates help your employees navigate their health care and wellness benefits, and find useful community resources. The benefit to you is saved time and reduced costs, as they partner with your employees to manage—research, problem solve, track and report—health and wellness questions and issues.

Our health advocates have experience with health care, health insurance, claims processing or provider billing.


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