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Personalized Support

We partner with you to meet your corporate wellness goals by providing personalized support to your employees. Here’s how:

  • We leverage an evidence-based health assessment, screenings and advanced analytics to identify health risks and align the right expert to connect with each individual.
  • Informed by this data, skilled health advisors engage your employees at an entry point suited to their current health status and level of motivation.

Our health management professionals include:

Health screeners partner with you to design and launch successful biometric screenings.

Health advisors are experienced health educators who conduct one-to-one sessions with participants to review:

  • Screening results
  • Health assessment results
  • Readiness to change


To match your participants with the right resource at the right time, our coaching program provides an interdisciplinary team:

Health coaches work with participants work to improve healthy behaviors in the areas of:

  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Sleeping
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Stress management

Nurse coaches (registered nurses) trained in behavior change techniques help participants with a new diagnosis or unmanaged chronic condition to:

  • Address clinical needs
  • Bridge gaps in care
  • Adhere to medication
  • Add healthy lifestyle behaviors

Advanced practice coaches help participants who manage their chronic condition to:

  • Develop lifestyle goals and behaviors that support healthy changes
  • Support adherence to a clinical care plan

Clinical advocates are registered nurses that help you employees by:

  • Providing health information and treatment decision-support based on clinical guidelines 24/7.
  • Answering questions about everyday health issues.
  • Giving professional advice about treatment options—before early symptoms become serious medical events.

Health advocates help your employees:

  • Navigate their health care and wellness benefits
  • Find useful community resources



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