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Population Health

Our return on investment reporting translates your data into meaningful information to answer the hard questions about how your health management or corporate fitness program performs.

We drill down to the detail you need and analyze the results so you can make informed decisions about your ongoing corporate wellness program.

Reports on employee health
In addition to cost outcomes, our reports demonstrate:

  • Participation trends
  • Health risk changes for the total population as well as population segments by age, gender, salaried vs. hourly and shift employees
  • Changes in health risk for those with multiple risk factors
  • Changes in health risk for program participants vs. non-participants
  • Changes in a custom set of risk factors that is tailored to your organization

Health management case study
For example, in a large manufacturing company with a multi-year program, our report demonstrates:

  • 80% of employees have participated in taking health assessments for more than five years
  • Risk factors decreased in every year measured
  • Current health risk levels for this employee population as compared to similar populations in our client database
  • How risk factors differed by location, and by day workers vs. shift workers
  • Changes in key risk measures: BMI and obesity, mental health, and 10 targeted conditions

Value of on-site program managers
Participation in a comprehensive program is the key to population health improvement. Engagement in our health management programs is tied to personalized interaction with our people.

We’ve measured the impact of our dedicated on-site program managers and compared them with similar programs without an on-site manager. We found:

  • An average of 33% higher participation rates for programs with a dedicated on-site program manager
  • Health assessment participation—9% higher
  • Screening participation—58% higher
  • Health advising participation—43% higher
  • Coaching enrollment—21% higher

Avera Health Management

Learn how Avera is moving to population health management. View the infographic.