Why it Matters

Health is personal. To maximize engagement in your population and realize the greatest return on your health management investment, people need to understand why your program is personally valuable. Health improvement needs to resonate for them. They need access to the science-based programs and tools, and informed guidance to reach health goals.

With our personalized approach and a range of options for program delivery—online education and self-management tools, telephonic coaching and on-site personnel–your employees and health plan members can enjoy health management benefits based on their individual preferences and readiness to make healthy change.

Poor health also comes with a cost—absenteeism, lost productivity and high health claims. The result of a successful, culturally infused health management program is more widespread. Long-term program engagement and measurable population health management benefits include:

  • Reduced health care costs;
  • Increased employee productivity; and
  • Improved employee recruitment and retention.

Learn how to recover costs of lost productivity by improving employee health.