For HealthFitness engagement is both art and science. It’s the sum of personalized interactions and meaningful technology that support interventions tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each individual.

Our screening process and analytics help us to identify and deploy the right intervention at the right time for each participant, and our people leverage this information in science-based motivation and engagement practices. Using data and predictive modeling, we build the most complete picture possible so we know where the health risk is now. Then we utilize these tools as we work with individuals to improve health. This sophisticated use of technology informs every encounter.

Lasting engagement requires eye-catching communication tools and meaningful technology, yes. But what sets HealthFitness apart are the personal interventions that work hand-in-hand to increase participation, lead individuals on their personal pathway through the continuum of good health and drive intrinsic behavior change—and that leads to lasting good health.

For example, our health advisers reach out to screening participants to discuss their personal results, answer questions and direct them to appropriate lifestyle and behavior change programs. They’re educated, trained professionals who understand motivational interviewing and readiness-to-change behavioral science—not telemarketers trying to “sell” a program. Our programs work because they are grounded in evidence-based practice and align with the latest thinking in behavior change principles.

Our people are our greatest strength, and we invest in their ongoing training and education in communication and motivational interaction. At every encounter, our goal is to build relationships and influence the participant’s intrinsic desire to make healthy change. Our Science Advisory Board, industry leaders in the science of health behavior change, helps keep us on the forefront of the industry with a research emphasis on positive psychology, new communication tools and engagement strategies.

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