Our Approach

Our Approach

We're changing the way our
clients think about, talk about and
execute corporate wellness programs.

At HealthFitness we create healthy lifestyles. When you partner with us, we provide the people, tools and processes to make ongoing healthy actions possible for more of your employee population.

We call this Well-doing℠ for more people.

Parallel paths to healthy lifestyles
Persona™, our proprietary behavior change model; and infusion, our tailored approach to health management; provide parallel paths for working with individuals and employee populations that lead to healthy lifestyles.

With Persona, we examine an employee population to gain insight that allows us to segment it based on the type of behavior change needed and then determine our intervention approach with each individual.

Infusion allows us to also apply the same evidence-based behavior science approach to create a healthy community.

People, tools and processes working in concert
Our program managers use these parallel paths—along with our innovative BioVia® product suite—to produce more sustainable healthy actions across your employee population.

BioVia includes an innovative technology platform, a new approach to coaching, a short, engaging health assessment and streamlined screenings.

That’s people, tools and processes, working in concert.

The result? Well-doing for more people.

Learn more
Download the issue brief, “Engaging the disengaged in health management,” and learn how Persona maps the personal path to Well-doing.

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