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HealthWire: September 2020

HealthFitness introduces Return to Work Solutions
HealthFitness has announced its new Return to Work Solutions to help employers proactively reduce COVID-19 risks and create a safe, healthy and productive workplace for returning employees.

Reopening offices is about more than just physical health for employees
Our Senior Director, Program Management & Engagement James Aranowski shares 6 ways our clients are tackling the emotional and mental health of their employees as they consider how to reopen their offices and onsite fitness centers.

Help employees feel safe returning to work
Helping your employees return to work, safely and confidently, during the COVID-19 pandemic is no easy task. Discover how create a healthy and productive workplace that your employees can feel safe returning to.

Keeping fitness in focus, despite COVID-19
Our Vice President, Program Management and Engagement Ann Wyatt and Program Manager Bri Johnson are both featured in a Human Resource Executive article on how we worked with client Best Buy to provide virtual fitness solutions for their employees.

Survey reveals top concerns related to employee wellbeing
We recently surveyed several of our clients across industries—from insurance, financial services, manufacturing and pharmaceutical to technology, energy and retail—about their top concerns during the pandemic. Here’s what we learned and how we are addressing their concerns.

Coming soon: Thrive, building resilience
In an ever-changing world, a resilient mindset can go a long way. To help employees adapt to adversity, stress and life changes, we’re launching a new program, Thrive, building resilience. This six-week virtual group class, designed with LIFE-XT, will help employees build the skills needed to sustain the mindset to navigate difficult times, while also maximizing joy, purpose and productivity.
Each week, participants will learn to train the brain for mental fitness to help become more flexible and better able to adapt to change. More details about the resiliency program will be available soon.


Posted on September 03, 2020