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Fitness for remote workers

We have an expression in the health and fitness industry – “Reach employees where they are.” This means using multiple approaches and channels to engage your employees and keep fitness top of mind. At HealthFitness we help employers engage employees in their health beyond the four walls of the fitness center. Here are four ways we can help engage your employees in their health.

Posted on March 12, 2020 in Fitness

Changing corporate fitness center management partners

Do you think it’s too much of a hassle to change fitness center partners? Here’s how we hustle to make it less of a hassle for you. At HealthFitness, we believe movement matters. That belief has fueled 45 years of consulting, designing and transitioning the best corporate fitness solutions available—in face we have transitioned 44 sites since 2010!

Posted on February 11, 2020 in Fitness

How to transition your corporate fitness center

Are you looking to get more out of your corporate fitness center? You may be struggling with low membership and participation rates, a lack of strategic plan or a strained budget. Or, your current contract may soon expire and you want to see what other options are available. Let us help! With 45 years of cultivating the best corporate fitness solutions available, HealthFitness is here for you.

Posted on February 04, 2020 in Fitness

HealthFitness receives a Net Promoter Score of 79

HealthFitness earned a market leading Net Promoter Score of 79 from our 2019 fitness management clients. The score represents the value we bring to our clients. The Net Promoter Score methodology is based on asking customers a single question that predicts the likelihood of both repurchase and referral: “How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?”

Posted on January 28, 2020 in Fitness

How training for life helps employees stay active and perform stronger

The world of fitness is moving forward and HealthFitness is bringing it to you. HealthFitness and human performance leader Spectrum are working together to improve the fitness program experience and help people safely reach their health and fitness goals.

Posted on January 16, 2020 in Fitness

5 ways fitness centers revolutionize community health

Whether you currently have a hospital-based fitness facility or are looking to transform your current fitness center into a complete community health and fitness center, many health systems use hospital-based fitness centers to engage employees and community members in in physical activity, improve health and reduce stress.

Posted on January 02, 2020 in Fitness

How a fitness center transforms health care in Texas

CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth partnered with HealthFitness to develop, design and manage the CHRISTUS W.P. Herbert Health and Wellness Center (CHRISTUS HWC) that serves the community as well as its employee population. Learn how HealthFitness partners with CHRISTUS HWC to drive community health, boost revenue—and even help save lives.

Posted on October 25, 2019 in Fitness

Give employees the corporate fitness center they deserve

When it comes to corporate fitness, we at HealthFitness understand that movement matters. Ready to give your employees the fitness center they deserve? Here’s how we provide the best corporate fitness solution that will get (and keep) your people moving.

Posted on July 12, 2019 in Fitness

3 steps to developing the perfect corporate fitness center

Strengthened by the right people, strategies and programs, a corporate fitness center can engage your employees in healthy actions, attract and retain top talent and reduce workplace stress. Our tenure as one of the largest providers of corporate fitness center management and wellness programs in the country ensures we can get (and keep) more of your employees moving.

Posted on June 25, 2019 in Fitness

Top factors to consider in corporate fitness center design

Whether you want to revamp an existing corporate fitness facility or break ground on a new facility, here are the key factors to consider in corporate fitness design. 

Posted on June 24, 2019 in Fitness

Meet Sarah Stoddard, HealthFitness Personal Trainer at Emory University

We are HealthFitness, and we’re “better” people. We believe that achieving better health is a unique lifelong journey that is best achieved when people have help along the way. Help from people like Sarah Stoddard, a HealthFitness Personal Trainer at the Blomeyer Fitness Center, located in the middle of the campus at Emory University in Atlanta.

Posted on April 09, 2019 in Engagement Professionals Fitness

Meet Vicky Herana-Rector, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin

Program Manager Vicky Herana-Rector applies a can-do approach and attitude to her work helping run the Lockheed Martin fitness facility in Sunnyvale, Calif. This applies both to the way she managers her team and to the way she interacts with members.

Posted on December 10, 2018 in Engagement Professionals Fitness

Meet Joey Bareng, HealthFitness Fitness Program Manager, Genentech

A natural athlete growing up in Hawaii, Joey Bareng fell in love with human movement and sports. He earned a wrestling scholarship to San Francisco State University, where he received a degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis on exercise science. He stayed on as an assistant wrestling coach at his Alma Mater and became a personal trainer at local gyms, eventually taking on management positions.

Posted on November 12, 2018 in Engagement Professionals Fitness

Meet Mike Kerrigan, General Manager, Cornerstone Aquatics Center

Since becoming General Manager of the Cornerstone Aquatics Center in West Hartford, Conn. a year ago, Mike Kerrigan has been involved in everything, including the locker room sink. A lifelong resident of West Hartford, Kerrigan started with HealthFitness after spending 20-plus years with the greater Hartford YMCA as the Executive Director and Regional Aquatics Director, along with roles in youth and family programing, day camp and providing services to the community.

Posted on October 03, 2018 in Engagement Professionals Fitness

An inside look at Emory University’s wellbeing program

At HealthFitness, we work with the best and brightest organizations nationwide to improve health and wellbeing. Emory University—located in Atlanta—is top ranked among liberal arts colleges, graduate and professional schools and home to one of the world’s leading health care systems. Our partnership with Emory University supports employee health and wellbeing through the Healthy Emory program and the Blomeyer Health Fitness Center.

Posted on September 10, 2018 in Case Study Fitness

Meet Kenya Orr, HealthFitness Program Manager for global plastics manufacturing company

Meet Kenya Orr, a HealthFitness program manager who serves 1,200 employees at a global plastics manufacturing company with headquarters in Mount Vernon, Indiana. For 21 years, Orr—along with her team—has inspired employees to choose better, feel better and improve their wellbeing at the company’s 8,000 square foot fitness center.

Posted on August 13, 2018 in Engagement Professionals Fitness

8 ways to help your employees find time for fitness

If you asked your employees if they would like to get more exercise, most would agree that they would like to be more physically active, but finding time for fitness is challenging. Why is it so important for your employees to be active? Consider the facts: Physical inactivity and its adverse health effects are comparable to that of smoking and obesity. 

Posted on March 01, 2018 in Fitness

Fitness centers proving to be key recruiting tool in struggle for talent

Fitness centers aren’t a new concept for midsized and larger organizations. In fact, corporate gyms date all the way back to the 1880s when the National Cash Register built what may have been the first employee gym. In the 1950s and 1960s, Texas Instruments, Xerox and Rockwell all introduced employee fitness centers. Fast forward to today, and it’s not uncommon to find corporate fitness centers at many large and midsized employers across the country.

Posted on December 13, 2017 in Fitness