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Help your employees feel safe returning to work

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many new challenges for employers, especially for businesses looking to bring their employees back to the workplace.  

From a recent Gallup poll, 62% of employed Americans are working from home during COVID-19. When it comes time to return to work, the uncertainty of the pandemic presents challenges for employers around how to safely transition employees back to the workplace.
When planning the return of employees to the workplace, safety and health should ultimately be the top priority, but a number of challenges make the effort more difficult:
  • 1 in 3 Americans are showing clinical signs of anxiety and depression1.
  • 50% of employees worry about workplace exposure to COVID-192
  • 1 in 4 employees are at risk for serious complications from COVID-19 if infected3.
Less stress, more safety
Creating a safe work environment is crucial in helping employees manage the stress and anxiety of returning to work. HealthFitness offers two proactive solutions to help keep your employees safe.

Proactive bundled solutions that lead with prevention
Return to Work Solutions include:

  • Daily Health Check (App) – Daily questionnaire (15 seconds to complete) to ensure employees entering the workplace are symptom-free.
  • Internal Contact Tracing – To help prevent and reduce spread within your organization, HealthFitness offers support for employees who test positive for COVID-19 and identification of others in the workplace who may have been exposed. Includes referrals to client-specific and community resources.
  • Wellbeing on Demand – Dedicated phone line for confidential, real-time support addressing health and wellbeing topics, including: nutrition, physical activity, stress, sleep, tobacco, financial weight management and risk reduction.

All the aforementioned offerings can be bundled with an On-site Return to Work Coordinator who will support you and your employees and help with their transition back to the workplace.

We can help your employees feel safe returning to work
Helping employees return to work safely and confidently is no easy task—but fortunately HealthFitness is well positioned to help you create a healthy and productive workplace. ‚Äč

It's never too early to plan! Contact us for a no-obligation meeting. We’ve been keeping employees healthy and safe for 45 years with our wellness, fitness, recreation and injury prevention and treatment programs – we know that healthy employees create a healthy business. Contact us to learn more.

1. Mental Health Household Pulse Survey from US Census Bureau
2. Industry Week 
3. Kaiser Family Foundation

Posted on September 01, 2020 in Safety