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Meet Siarra Glover, HealthFitness Program Manager

We’re HealthFitness, and we’re better people. We believe movement matters, and through our fitness and recreation services, we help people move better, feel better and improve their health and wellbeing.

Meet Siarra Glover, program manager  
As a certified personal trainer and functional movement specialist, Siarra Glover works to get (and keep) employees moving at healthcare giant McKesson Corporation.  “McKesson is very committed to helping its employees be as healthy as possible,” Glover says.

Glover and team manage the 4,000 square foot fitness center and offer fitness assessments and consultations, group fitness classes (15 a week including boot camp, cycling, high intensity interval training and yoga) and personal training sessions. “We also help support the company’s wellness program with walking and weight loss challenges, lunch and learns, meeting energizers and team building exercises,” Glover says.

Creating awareness, one step at a time
When the fitness center opened in 2017, Glover and team focused on supporting McKesson’s wellness committee as a way of integrating. Glover and team started with the challenges that the wellness committee (made up of volunteer employees who do not have fitness backgrounds) offered and worked to boost participation.

“We really wanted to see if having an actual fitness center and staff, and the experience and credentials that come with that, would make a difference in participation,” Glover explains. “We also wanted to use the opportunity to engage with members, to help them see what we bring to the table,” Glover says. The approach worked. The first program offered was a walking challenge that 400 individuals participated in—300 more than when it initially ran prior to Glover and team.

Glover attributes the increased participation to the promotional efforts and making the challenge fun. “We wanted to make people comfortable with the program, by giving them as much information as they needed, as a way of encouraging them to join,” Glover explains. Making it fun was another priority. “We started walking groups twice a week over the lunch hour and had 50-60 participants join us each time,” Glover explains. In four weeks, employees walked 32,000 miles.

“We’ve noticed walking is an activity that a lot of our people are interested in, so we’ve worked to cater to that by offering challenges that focus on getting more steps in,” Glover says. One of those challenges was the Three-loop Walk around the campus, which 350 employees participated in over the lunch hour. “It was great to see that many people out and taking care of themselves,” Glover says.

To help communicate other challenges and fitness center offerings to the 935 members and potential members, the team uses digital signage in the building and informational articles and tips in the building’s newsletter and in the facilities’ newsletter.

Success stories
During the 2017 holiday season, Glover and team offered a challenge, Maintain Don’t Gain, to help employees stay accountable during what is typically an indulgent time of year. The initial weigh-in was before Thanksgiving, and the final weigh-in was after New Year’s. Participants not only maintained but lost a total of 713 pounds over the four week challenge; the top participant lost 28 pounds.

“This was an individual who was not comfortable using the fitness center, but she was motivated to lose weight,” Glover explains. “During the challenge, she used our weekly newsletter for exercises and portion control tips, put in the work, succeeded and has now taken it a step further by becoming a fitness center member,” Glover says.

“Helping members find what works for them, and working with them to stay accountable, is really something I enjoy,” Glover says. With one member who wanted to lose weight, Glover recommended group fitness classes based on his interests, and nutrition tips to help improve his diet. “By moving more and watching what he ate, he lost 20 pounds and 4 inches off his waist,” Glover says. “The one-on-one personalization that our team offers is really motivating for a lot of members,” Glover says.

“Our latest member satisfaction rating is ninety six percent,” says Glover. “We work hard to engage and encourage not only members but all McKesson employees to improve their health, and we’re proud of our results,” Glover says. 

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Posted on September 17, 2018