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Meet Damarcus Jones, Ergonomic and Productivity Manager

We’re HealthFitness, and we’re better people. We believe the best claim is the claim that doesn’t happen, and through our injury prevention and treatment services, we help people move better, feel better and improve their health and wellbeing.

Meet Damarcus Jones, Ergonomic and Productivity Manager  
Damarcus Jones, currently serving as an ergonomic and productivity manager at a multinational energy corporation, helps keep employees safe, productive and injury-free through our injury prevention and treatment services. “Helping employees perform their tasks safely and efficiently is my focus,” Jones says.
Based at the company’s Houston, TX location, Jones is part of a team of five, working with 14,000 employees across different business units. The team provides on-site and virtual ergonomic assessments and focuses on education and prevention to address the risks of the employee and the work environment. “We’re a global company, and our process has to be effective and efficient across multiple locations,” Jones says. To help ensure this, Jones created educational materials to help employees understand the injury prevention process and developed a dashboard for the needed metrics that help drive the program.
Safety driven by numbers 
“Metrics are everything,” says Jones. “The program’s process is driven by numbers, as well as the program’s overall performance,” Jones explains. Each month a performance report is produced to help identify individuals at risk and to assess program performance. Metrics used in the report include: the number of workers reporting discomfort, risk level of the workers, number of recordable injuries and number of employees using injury prevention services. “Recordable injuries are the lag indicator, and the injury prevention services we provide are the leading indicator,” Jones explains.
The process of gathering the metrics needed for the report was time consuming, taking up to a week; however, Jones was able to streamline the process by creating a dashboard that captures key performance indicators—in just a few hours. “We can now access what we need to make program modifications in a much more efficient and effective way,” Jones explains. Jones also uses the dashboard to help identify trends and opportunities for efficiencies.
Software for safety support
In addition to the dashboard, Jones and team support the company’s use of speech recognition software to help employees reduce risks and increase efficiency. The program allows employees to use dictation rather than key strokes to help mitigate computer usage risks; however, individual trainings are cost prohibitive. As a solution, Jones created a training guide to streamline the process. The self-paced guide is a condensed version of the foundational skills each user needs to successfully use the program that saves employees 12 hours in training time.  

“The training guide helps employees learn the basics,” explains Jones. “I can then use individual training sessions to cover advance usage and customizations,” Jones says. These efficiencies helped the company save $180,000 in 2016 and 2017.  “The training process is much more efficient now, and it helps us make the most out of the program as well,” Jones says.
Such strategic initiatives earned Jones a nomination for HealthFitness’ Employee of the Year in 2017.
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Posted on September 21, 2018