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How a fitness center promotes community health

A growing number of hospitals and health systems across the country are operating hospital-based fitness centers that are open to the public and their employees in order to boost engagement and improve health in their communities, but many find it challenging to reach the community and engage community members in their health.

This fitness center partnered with HealthFitness in 1997 to provide health and fitness services and to promote community health. The fitness center is an extension of the health promotion and wellness activities provided by a leading health care system in Wisconsin.

Today, more than 165 staff members serve community members at the 89,000 square foot facility, featuring 150 weekly group classes and 600 monthly personal training sessions.

Download the case study and learn how this hospital-based fitness center partnered with HealthFitness to integrate with the health system, provide health and fitness services to the community, and help reach community members when they are well.   

Posted on November 19, 2019 in Case Study