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Remembering our friend and colleague Ed Framer

Ed Framer was one of the most respected individuals in the health and wellness industry and was often referred to as a “giant” in the field. His work and contributions had a positive and lasting impact on all who knew him. Ed passed away on April 24, 2020.
For 15 years, beginning in 2005, Ed Framer served as Sr. Director of Health and Behavioral Sciences at HealthFitness. In this role, Ed was responsible for health and behavioral sciences information acquisition and dissemination, as well as a generation of science-based health recommendations.
Ed was involved in the development of health assessments for more than 25 years. Prior to HealthFitness, he served as Vice President of Health Sciences for HealthCalc Network, an industry-leading science-based firm which HealthFitness acquired in 2005.

His professional background also included serving as the Southwest Director of Behavioral Medicine for Health Management Resources and as Director of Wellness and Prevention for the Harris Methodist Health System of Fort Worth, Texas.

Ed held both clinical and administrative experience across a wide spectrum of physical and behavioral health issues, including clinical psychology, health psychology, organizational psychology, behavioral analysis, behavioral medicine, and behavioral incentives.
He earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from North Texas State University in Denton, Texas.
His specialties included:
  • Development and use of health risk assessment tools
  • Population health management, employee health, corporate wellness and prevention
  • Behavioral psychology including behavior analysis, behavior modification, and operant conditioning
  • Health psychology and behavioral medicine
He was involved in many professional organizations including the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference (ASHP) and the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

Curious and grateful
Ed used the word “curious” when asked to describe himself in one word—and his curiosity extended outside of his work. Ed was quite the wine connoisseur and enjoyed sharing his deep knowledge and favorite type of cabernet, merlot, or pinot with others. He also loved to read, listen to classical music, travel, workout, and engage in practical philosophical conversations. 

When asked what he has learned throughout his life, Ed shared the following in a HealthFitness employee blog post: “The years have taught me balance, deeper gratitude, and to be extra thankful for what is working—and not extra irritable and driven by what is not working. And with that dear colleagues, I wish you a happy and healthy life. We work hard and hope to play hard. We are real people with real problems and real joys. Never take life for granted. Appreciate everything good that comes your way. That is what I've learned and relearned and relearned.” 

We will deeply miss our beloved colleague and friend, Ed Framer.

Posted on May 06, 2020 in Engagement