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We’re Better People: Meet Amy Brammer

Amy Brammer’s clients are assigned by industry, not geography.
While that means she racks up the frequent flyer mileage as a Sr. Director, Client Strategy & Growth at HealthFitness, it allows her to immerse herself in the nuances of the energy, transportation, communication, higher education and government industries.
It allows things like this to happen:
“When Amy talks to clients, they all sit up and lean forward,” said Jen Smith, HealthFitness VP, Client Strategy & Growth. “They understand quickly that she really knows their industry. She’s an expert and she can talk about their employee population and best practices. She has this command and expertise.”
Brammer loves digging in to the industries she covers, looking for strategic insights that will help drive the success of a client’s wellbeing and fitness programs.
“That knowledge is critical because no two industries are the same,” she said. “Solutions I present to the client are always grounded in that industry research and knowledge.”
A Strategic Focus
Earlier in her career at HealthFitness, Brammer was responsible for strategy but also operations and managing direct and indirect reports. “When something isn’t working, operations is where your attention automatically goes,” she said.
Now, Brammer and her colleagues on the Client Strategy & Engagement team, can focus their time on strategies and solutions.
“Whether it’s health or fitness management, wellbeing, the fitness center or injury prevention and treatment, my role is to help the customer understand where there are opportunities to enhance their current strategy,” she said. “I love having this opportunity to focus on supporting the client and bringing in innovative solutions.”
In her role, Brammer works closely with the HealthFitness associate or associates who are based at each client site, often those located in the corporate health and benefits space, or in the actual fitness centers.
“We have the best products and solutions at HealthFitness, but it’s our people who deliver it on the ground who really make it happen,” she said. “Some individuals have worked at a client’s location for more than 20 years and are treated like family.”
Family Adventures
As for Brammer’s family, this is a particularly exciting time for her and her two daughters.
Her oldest recently became a mom, turning Brammer into a doting grandmother.
“People say being a grandparent is unbelievable but you don’t really understand how unbelievable it is until you experience it,” she said.
Her younger daughter lives in Australia and accommodates her mom’s adventurous streak. Together, they have had some amazing experiences, most notably sky diving in Australia, helicoptering and diving at the Great Barrier Reef, and bungee jumping in New Zealand.
“It was not easy stepping on that ledge,” she said. “It was terrifying but you have to trust in the fact that the previous 3 million jumps were safe. It was quite an adventure.”
Brammer describes New Zealand as “one of the most gorgeous places on earth” and highly recommends people put it on their bucket list.
Supporting the Client
Brammer has worked for HealthFitness for close to 30 years.
Over that time her roles have changed, but her passion for helping employee populations become healthier has been a constant.
“I love working to solve challenges and solutions to support and benefit the client,” she said. “It’s about knowing that those programs and services we are offering will have an impact on bettering the lives and health of those employees. That’s what gets me up in the morning.”
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Posted on May 14, 2019