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Reaching employees (literally) where they are

By Torrey Landers, Senior Director, Client Strategy

We have an expression in the wellbeing and fitness industry – “Reach employees where they are.” This means using multiple approaches and channels to engage your employees and keep your program constantly visible. But lately I’ve come to observe this expression taking on a more literal meaning as an increasing number of employees are working virtually.

Technology Breaking Down Barriers … and Cube Space
Technology helps make it seamless for today’s employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world—and research shows this trend is not slowing down.

For example, a study by Global Workplace Analytics notes that telecommuting has increased 103 percent in the last decade! In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites more than 35 percent of professionals work remotely, with a significant number of workers having jobs that place them outside of a traditional office setting.
Knowing that your population is dispersed and mobile, it’s that much more important to literally and figuratively reach them where they are.

Recently we had the opportunity to partner with one of our clients on an innovative way to keep their geographically dispersed employee population engaged.

The CubeFit Program at HP
We work with the multinational technology company HP to manage six of their on-site fitness centers that serve nearly 15,000 employees throughout the country. The centers stayed popular among employees, with membership rates at 50 percent. However, the remaining 50 percent of employees, located either at sites without a fitness center or working remotely, were left on the proverbial outside looking in.

Our challenge remained how to combine the infectious passion of our on-site fitness center staff with technology to spread a healthier lifestyle to more HP employees.
Working collaboratively with Julie Andrews, HP global wellbeing, MADO and special projects manager, we developed the CubeFit program, which combines these live experts with technology by offering energy breaks employees can do at their desks, regardless of where these desks are located. Classes, usually between 10-15 minutes and led by HealthFitness program managers, are streamed live via Lync and Skype during each workday.

While one person leads the workout, another HealthFitness employee manages the “Chat” box to answer any employees’ questions. The classes cover meditation, yoga and strength training, to name a few, and provide employees a break from their workday.
All classes are recorded and posted to an online library, which can be accessed by HP employees, anywhere, at any time it’s convenient for them.
Since the inception and introduction of CubeFit in 2015:
  • 1,635 registrants over three pilot phases in 2015
  • 3,978 registrants in 2016
  • 2,046 registrants to date in 2017

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About the author:

As Senior Director, Client Strategy & Growth, Torrey brings 21 years of industry experience into his role with HealthFitness. Torrey is responsible for building and driving strategy with HealthFitness clients, specifically in the technology and auto manufacturing industries. Prior to joining HealthFitness, he worked overseas in the Republic of the Marshall Islands leading a community wellness, fitness and recreation effort for the Department of Defense. Torrey earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Masters of Science in Health & Fitness.

Posted on May 17, 2017 in Virtual Fitness

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