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Why a fitness center is a top building amenity for tenants and employees

When your building or property provides valuable health amenities such as a fitness center, you have a greater ability to attract and retain tenants—who in turn will attract and retain top talent, engage employees in healthy actions, and help reduce workplace stress.

In fact, research shows that access to health and fitness is a top priority for employees. When asked which aspects or perks would be most likely to make them stay if they were considering whether to stay or leave a company, nearly 40 percent said health amenities. (1)  

Another study shows that only 15 percent of employers provide wellness and fitness facilities yet 36 percent of employees want them. (2) 
As a result, a growing number of property managers are building or expanding fitness centers to attract and retain quality tenants.

Here’s how we deliver the best corporate fitness solution that establishes your property’s commitment to wellbeing and helps create a sense of community among building tenants and their employees.  

Providing personalized programming
We believe movement matters. We inspire individuals to move and to take steps toward healthier behaviors, which in turn impacts the overall wellbeing of each organization we serve—including your property, your tenants and their employees.
  Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we use assessment and consultation to build robust programming—personalized for your property—to meet the needs of your tenants and members and pushing your fitness programming to a whole new level.

Our programs and services include:
  • Onboarding enrollment (member app)
  • Assessment
  • Personalized exercise plans
  • Education
  • Group classes
  • Leagues, tournaments and clubs
  • Massage therapy
  • Personal and small group training
  • Recreational sports
  • Special events
  • Wellness challenges
  • Virtual fitness (Wellbeats®)
Our experts design class offerings and staff-delivered challenges that engage participants in fun, team-based events. Combined with virtual fitness solutions and wide menu of special events, we provide the most comprehensive corporate fitness solution available for your property, tenants and their employees.  
  Building community
Once thought of as a “check-the-box” item for property managers, fitness centers help connect members and create community among tenants and members.

For example, HealthFitness partners with a leading commercial real estate services company in Minneapolis to keep its 25 tenants healthy in mind and body.

Beyond seminars on women’s and men’s health issues, we customize programs ranging from emotional health to on-the-job injury prevention. We also provide lunch-and-learn programs, offering instruction on timely topics such as meditation and stress-relief techniques.

We excel at building relationships with each fitness center member. HealthFitness on-site professionals are trained in our methodology that focuses on mobilization, activation and dynamic movement, which is the foundation of the experience we deliver to each member.

Taking a strategic approach
HealthFitness operates more than 28 multi-tenant sites, including a Chicago-based financial institution. The company’s original wellness center had been converted from office space into a 3,000-square-foot fitness facility.

Although the fitness program was meeting the company’s expectations, our staff saw an opportunity to better serve the membership—and attract tenants—by relocating the fitness center and expanding the site.

We used a strategic approach to show how we could bring the right people, plan and programs to make the new wellness center a more valuable asset for the company’s business.

First, we met with the facilities management department to discuss the possibilities of increased participation and membership and how this would affect class size and the number of fitness equipment available.

Next, our team presented a timeline on how the company would see steady growth in membership quickly with additional space and staff. We used benchmarking data from hundreds of other corporate fitness sites we manage to show how an investment today would pay off down the road.

The company saw the value of investing in the health and wellness of its employees and building tenants and quickly approved the creation of a 10,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art fitness center on the fifth floor—located next to the high-traffic cafeteria.

The result? Membership has increased more than 60 percent, making the fitness center a valuable asset for the company, its employees and the tenants of the building.

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Posted on March 16, 2020