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Supporting employees with proven virtual fitness solutions

At HealthFitness we believe movement matters to employees—especially in times like these. We are a proven leader and partner for providing virtual and on-site fitness and wellbeing programs and transforming lives for the better.
With 100% of our clients closing their fitness centers by March 20, our fitness center program managers and instructors quickly pivoted to deliver programming remotely to our clients and their employees—from hosting live workouts online to using video conferencing tools, and streaming workouts right on employees’ phones.

Real-time data drives best practices
Our virtual programming digital dashboard provides real-time data and insights on our virtual fitness programming, helping us provide recommendations and best practices to our clients.
For example, in the last seven weeks more than 468,000+ individuals participated in 7,000+ of our virtual fitness and wellness activities. Here are the top five activities: 
  1. Fitness classes
  2. Education
  3. Challenge/competition
  4. Nutrition education class
  5. Strength fitness class
From our data, we’ve received the greatest participation in the following:
  • 30-minute fitness classes
  • Afternoon classes
  • Monday is most popular day for classes
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Read the Case Study and learn how we helped our clients restore connectedness and belonging during COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted on June 01, 2020 in Case Study Virtual Fitness