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Engage employees in healthier behaviors with health screenings

As communities are reopening throughout the country, employers are moving to get employees back to their worksites—and facing the challenge of how to do it safely. Companies are shifting their approach to employee health in order to prioritize and invest in their employees’ wellbeing.

Now, more than ever, companies are in a situation to help employees take good care of their health—and a growing number are starting with health screenings.

According to a recent survey of more than 750 employers, 36 percent say they are considering conducting some form of on-site screening or assessment as part of their return to work strategy.1

In addition to conducting COVID-19 symptoms screenings, here are several reasons employers use health screenings to bring wellness to the workplace:

Boost health and lower costs. Research shows that more than half of all employers include a health screening as part of their workplace wellness programs.2 Why? Because when properly integrated with a worksite wellness plan, health screenings can help reduce health risks, improve health, reduce health care costs, and improve productivity and performance of the workforce.3

In fact, employers reported better health (42% reported greater health risk improvement) and financial outcomes (30% reported lower health care trend) when using screening as part of a worksite wellness program. 4

Engage employees in their health. A health screening is an examination that measures an employee’s risk factors, such as body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose. Screenings help employees identify issues with their health and engage in healthier behavior. 2

Provide a baseline. A health screening provides a baseline assessment of your employees’ health status regarding obesity, blood pressure, blood glucose, total cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Identify health risks. Screenings can help detect disease in its early and most treatable stages—even before symptoms are recognized.

Help employees take healthy actions. HealthFitness health screenings provide vital health information for your employees—raising awareness of risks and serving as the catalyst for behavior change. In fact, 98 percent of our screening participants said they plan to take steps to change unhealthy behaviors that lead to health risks. 5

How a screening event works
Our HealthFitness screening event coordinator plans your screening event on your behalf, while understanding your wellness program strategy, incentives and workplace culture.

The screening event is delivered by LabCorp Employer Services, a leading global life sciences company and our partner for health screenings and COVID-19 symptoms screenings, using a single-station (pod model) and includes finger stick, height, weight, BMI, blood pressure and results review.
  • Add-on services include: cotinine, waist measurement, Registered Dietician and additional coaching.
  • Additional options include: flu vaccines, HbA1c dried blood spotting testing and/or venipuncture events.
  • Alternatives include: LabCorp remote lab, physician form and home kits.
Quick results and review
Each of your employee participants will receive an immediate 2-3 minute review of their results, including a personal report showing results and optimal ranges, as well as an explanation of desirable ranges and a focus on red flags areas.

COVID-19 symptoms screenings for employees returning to work
To support essential workers and those returning to work during COVID-19, HealthFitness is offering COVID-19 symptoms screenings.

How it works:
  • Planned by HealthFitness’ screening event coordinators, administered by LabCorp Employer Services staff.
  • On-site at your location, using your tables, chairs, etc. Supplies will be shipped to your location.
  • Includes suggested symptoms questionnaire and a noninvasive, temporal temperature check.
  • In accordance with your policies and procedures, your employees will be cleared for work or redirected to designated staff for support.
  • Daily counts, including those with symptoms, provided upon request (excludes personal data).
The participant experience includes
  • Questionnaire to screen for symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  • Non-invasive, temporal temperature check.
  • Following the symptom screening, employees will be cleared for work or redirected to designated staff for support.
Contact us to learn more
To learn more about our biometric health screenings—including COVID-19 symptoms screenings—or to learn how we can help support COVID-19 viral and/or antibody testing (offered directly through LabCorp Employer Services), please contact us.

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Posted on June 19, 2020 in Screenings