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We’re better people: Meet Amy Ortiz-Arzuaga

We’re HealthFitness, and we believe we know how to help someone make better choices. Help them feel better. Live a better life as free from the effects of poor health as possible.

Meet Amy Ortiz-Arzuaga, HealthFitness contract manager
Leading a team of health coaches who provide services for a large pharmaceutical company at four different sites across Puerto Rico is no small task. Add in a hurricane and subsequent recovery efforts, and it’s understandable how basic responsibilities seem insurmountable. But Amy Ortiz-Arzuaga’s love for her team, dedication to her client’s population and her self-described “Pollyanna-attitude that every day is a good day,” has helped her and her team persevere.

Amy’s team is responsible for HealthFitness’ wellness services, which includes our on-site health coaching and health screening events, our health assessment and health advising services. The team also hosts wellness challenges and supports participants’ use of our wellness platform.

Driving resiliency through on-site health coaching
When Hurricane Maria hit the island in the fall of 2017, the client’s three manufacturing sites were shut down—one for two months.      

“All of the coaches were personally affected by the hurricane, yet their sense of commitment to their participants was something I couldn’t be more proud of,” Ortiz-Arzuaga says. “I’m so impressed with their dedication and passion for helping others.”

Once the sites were reopened, the delayed production schedule impacted participants’ availability to attend coaching sessions. As a workaround, the coaches came to them—setting up a temporary office within the manufacturing areas for short sessions to check in. “Goals weren’t really the focus, it was more of a survival check to see how people were managing,” Ortiz-Arzuaga explains. “Making life as normal as possible during working hours was really the focus at that time.”

The coaches also developed a four week program, Get out of the ‘I Can’ts’, centered on resiliency and recovery to help participants get back on track, “ says Ortiz-Arzuaga. “It offered encouragement and support.”

Program success

  • In 2017 an average of 80 percent participated in on-site screening events. In 2018 despite production demands and hurricane aftermaths, 76% of the population participated in onsite screening events. 
  • Of those who participated in screening, 90 percent expressed interest in coaching
    • Approximately 70 percent of those moved into coaching
  • In 2017 Approximately 60 percent of the population participated in one of the three wellness challenges
    • Over 90 percent met their goals
“Being on-site, we actively engage leadership in our services to help set the tone, and we participate in department team meetings to help keep wellness top of mind. We have very strong leadership support—the Medical Director, the nurses and all of the wellness partners participate in all of our programming,” says Ortiz-Arzuaga.

Rebuilding success
As Ortiz-Arzuaga’s team continues to rally participants and foster resiliency and recovery, she believes the program will be successful again. “The on-site coaches hit the ground running every morning, truly committed to making a difference. They demonstrate an honest passion in everything they do—with a perfect balance of professionalism, creativity, resiliency and dedication. I am proud to be on the same team as them,” says Ortiz-Arzuaga.

What inspires Amy’s team?
“What really inspires me is to see my participant’s accomplishments, to look back at how they were at the beginning and how much progress they have made now. I love seeing potential, ability and talent—and to help participants use these attributes to improve their health,” Jessica Rosario, health coach, Guayama and San Juan locations.

“I’m inspired knowing that I have the tools to help participants improve their quality of life. Additionally, I have a great work family, and we all work together on a daily basis to have a healthy life,” Keila Lopez, health coach, Vega Baja location.

“Being in a position that allows me to make a difference in someone’s life inspires me. Being face-to-face with participants allows me to gauge commitment levels; I can then help guide them through overcoming barriers,” Noemi Aguiar, health coach, Barceloneta location.

We’re better people
Ortiz-Arzuaga’s and her team’s positive attitudes and dedication are the essence of the HealthFitness’ “we’re better people” motto. “I really believe that all situations have solutions—and in the ‘this too shall pass’ attitude,” Ortiz-Arzuaga says. “I have a great team that I can trust to manage contract deliverables at their respective sites, and I have the best support from my own supervisor and the organization that I can ask for.” 
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Posted on June 21, 2018 in Engagement Professionals