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Make exercise convenient with virtual fitness programs

By Ann Wyatt, Vice President, Program Management & Engagement

Supporting employee fitness across varied populations can be challenging. From organizations without corporate fitness centers, to companies with fitness programs looking for more variety, to geographically dispersed workforces and frequent travelers—each has unique challenges.

Remote control: An increasingly virtual workforce
The number of remote/virtual employees is growing. Technology helps make it seamless for today’s employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world—and research shows this trend is not slowing down.
For example, a study by Global Workplace Analytics notes that telecommuting has increased 103 percent in the last decade! In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites more than 35 percent of professionals work remotely, with a significant number of workers having jobs that place them outside of a traditional office setting.

Reaching employees where they are
Knowing that your population is dispersed and mobile, it’s that much more important to literally and figuratively reach them where they are. And keep them engaged. We conducted research recently on the elusive drivers of wellness program participation—what gets employees to participate, as well as some of the key barriers.

Of all the barriers named, 69 percent of non-participants said the biggest is lack of information—they simply aren’t aware of the program. All the more reason to seek options that make it easier to engage employees at multiple touch points. The research also showed that inconvenience and reluctance to participate emerged as key barriers, in addition to lack of information.

Having virtual fitness as an option certainly can help overcome this barrier.

Extend your reach with virtual fitness
Virtual fitness offers a cost-effective, scalable way to meet more employee and family needs to keep them thriving—at work, at home, and on the go.
This past fall, we announced our partnership with Wellbeats, the leading provider and pioneer of virtual fitness offerings.

Our partnership allows HealthFitness to offer Wellbeats’ virtual fitness programs to employers—helping all employees, even family members, engage in fitness and wellness at work, on the go and at home by extending the reach of our health, wellness and fitness options.

WELLBEATS’ programs enable employers to deliver a variety of fitness classes, workout plans and fitness assessments to employees anytime, anywhere. This provides sites without corporate fitness space the opportunity to engage employees in fitness, and gives organizations with fitness centers more flexibility and variety to help boost engagement.

Reach more employee populations
With users streaming via Wellbeats’ mobile and web-based applications, hundreds of classes are available using smart phones and smart devices and on-site delivery options can be used in existing fitness centers or underutilized office space— bringing fitness to the fingertips of all employees, regardless of their location, fitness level or access to a facility.

Virtual fitness programs help employees make time for fitness, regardless of location, schedule, fitness level and workout preferences. Wellbeats offers unlimited classes led by certified instructors who create a motivating and supportive environment, simulating an in person experience.

Is Wellbeats the right option for you?
Contact us to request a demo.

About the author:
Ann is Vice President, Program Management & Engagement. She has 25 years of experience in the health management and fitness industry. Her role includes strategy development and driving engagement for new and existing health management and corporate fitness programs, employee recruiting and training, program quality assurance and operations management. Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Old Dominion University and a Master of Education in Exercise Physiology from Auburn University.

Posted on January 02, 2017 in Virtual Fitness

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