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Health coaching: Employees’ loss is your gain

We have found that among our clients, health coaching offers measurable costs savings, greater weight reduction compared to other wellness program participants and a very high satisfaction among employees. Your employees’ loss, literally, is your gain.

Health coaching presents more opportunities for cost savings
When considering how various components of wellness programs impact medical and pharmacy costs, we have found that, based on the analysis of our clients, the 70:30 rule applies to coaching:
  • Overall, 30% of our client participants enroll in coaching
  • 70% of cost savings come from coaching participants 
Our clients whose wellness program participants worked with coaches recognized the incremental 6.1% of cost savings:
  • $586 – Average savings per year for coaching participants, or 11.3% of medical costs
  • $261 – Average savings per year for non-coached participants, or 5.2% of medical costs 
Coached participants experience greater weight reduction compared to other wellness program participants
Based on analysis of our clients, we have found coached participants:
  • On average, gained 70% less weight (.24 lbs. for the coached participant compared to .80 lbs. for non-participants.) That’s over half a pound per year! And while this may not appear on the surface as a large difference, it is quite significant when viewed in the context of our sample size of 130,000 participants.
  • Lost approximately 8 lbs. when adding whole grains, fruit and vegetables to their diet, participating in strength training along with our Colorful ChoicesTM six-week challenge, which helps participants make produce a part of their daily diet. 
Our clients’ program participants are satisfied with our coaches
According to our most recent client survey, participants value the combination of our experienced, passionate coaches and technological resources.
  • 93% are satisfied with their health coach
  • 90% reach their health goals
  • 91% are satisfied with resources, information and tools available online
  • 84% report improved productivity after working with their health coach 
Learn more about health coaching
Please contact us to learn more about health coaching and determine if it’s the right solution for you.


Posted on January 23, 2017 in Coaching