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Using on-site physical therapy to keep employees active and safe

Keeping employees healthy, active and safe was the goal for a leading electronics company when the organization partnered with HealthFitness to build a corporate fitness center, including injury prevention and treatment services through physical therapy.

The CEO, a self-described “fitness buff,” who has regularly used fitness and physical therapy for years, wanted to share his passion with his employees to help improve the overall health of his workforce and help prevent injuries.

Employees do not have to be members of the fitness center to utilize the physical therapy services, which are free of charge but do require a physician’s referral.

Two part-time physical therapists provide services during the company’s day and evening shifts, and the most common issues addressed include repetitive motion issues, shoulder, and neck, thoracic and low back issues. Employees treated are often referred to the fitness center for therapeutic exercises as part of their treatment plan.

Read the Case Study and learn how on-site physical therapy resulted in a $120,000 net savings to the company.

Posted on December 18, 2019