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Support your “industry athletes” with movement efficiency solutions

By Nicole Chaudet, Executive Director, Product Execution

Whether you are aged 8 or 88, everyone needs to move—and everyone can benefit from moving smarter, healthier and more efficiently. Movement, as we know, matters, and many of us are unaware of muscular imbalances that can lead to pain, injury and decreased movement functionality. At HealthFitness, our partnership with Fusionetics® enables us to deliver effective solutions to prevent and reduce injuries, decrease pain and optimize employee health.

Initially designed for elite athletes, Fusionetics is a web-based platform and app designed to identify movement impairments which can lead to musculoskeletal injury. Based on that information, the system creates a targeted intervention program for each individual. 

How it works
Our on-site staff will guide each employee through a digital Movement Efficiency Test—which takes only five minutes to complete. The test focuses on seven areas of the body, scoring each from 0 to 100. The assessment identifies muscular deficits and imbalances in each area of the body, such as which areas need strengthening and which need flexibility. 

The Fusionetics platform then generates an aggregate movement efficiency score based on algorithmic calculations along with an individualized corrective exercise plan designed to improve movement efficiency.
Employees receive corrective exercises based on the score of each body. They can access exercise plans through the website or mobile app and each exercise includes audio and video instructions. Employees are retested at regular intervals and receive an updated exercise program based on the results.

Proven in the field by soldiers and professional athletes
Movement efficiency testing and corrective exercise strategies have been very effective with the United States Military Academy. In fact, a study done between 2010 and 2014 demonstrated how implementing a targeted movement efficiency program prior to activity with expert supervision decreased injury rates in the following ways:
  • 25% for lower extremity injuries
  • 57% for acute knee injuries
  • 60% for ACL injuries
While “industry athletes” such as ourselves can benefit from movement efficiency solutions, the pros also are taking notice. The Phoenix Suns professional basketball team embraced movement efficiency solutions to gain a leading edge.

Over 10 years in a high intensity work environment, the Phoenix Suns athletes missed 52 percent fewer games than the league average and saved $7 million per year in non-contact and overuse injuries.
This period saw the likes of professional players such as Grant Hill, Steve Nash and Shaquille O'Neal—all who resurrected their careers after injury-plagued seasons with their previous teams.

Q&A with Fusionetics Chief Operations Officer Ben Tucker
Ben Tucker, Chief Operations Officer, Fusionetics, recently was able to answer the top questions from our clients about movement efficiency solutions.

How long does an employee stay in the movement efficiency program?
“Programs vary based on client needs but overall, we recommend a minimum of four months and doing evaluations in four-week increments. The best way to look at it, however, is a daily activity—something you can incorporate as part of your routine, like taking a daily vitamin.”
How can you tell if an employee is making progress?
“We recommend reassessing every four weeks and tracking metrics such as days missed to see if these numbers are decreasing. Longer-term, you’ll want to look at these numbers after a year.”

You have experience working with professional sports teams; how does this work apply to businesses? Everyday employees don’t have the same fitness level as star athletes.
“Remember that we’re looking at improved movement, not fitness levels—and everyone needs to move. The ability to create change and improvement with everyday employees is easier and faster than with athletes who beat their bodies up every day.  And, it’s also worth noting that the time it takes to complete the program – 10 minutes—is meant to resonate with any user. Whether you’re a professional athlete—or an industry athlete—you have a busy schedule and want a program that is efficient and convenient.”

Learn more
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Posted on August 30, 2017 in Injury Prevention

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