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HealthFitness Named Vendor of the Year at Leading Diagnostics Company

The HealthFitness team at a leading diagnostics company in central Indiana—led by Joe Alagno, Program Manager—received the top score from the company’s procurement team. The score earned HealthFitness the Vendor of the Year Award for providing innovative health and fitness solutions at the company’s Live Well Fitness Center and throughout the company.

The HealthFitness team—including full time staff members Kyle Jones, Outreach Coordinator; Lindsey Snyder, Health Fitness Professional; and Pablo Regich, Marketing Coordinator—received praise for being accommodating, easy to work with and quickly pivoting to provide fitness solutions within the company’s fast-paced environment.

Full time HealthFitness staff pictured from left to right: Lindsey Snyder, Pablo Regich, Joe Alagno, Kyle Jones and Mary Fleck.

“HealthFitness receives a lot of praise for our groundbreaking wellbeing and fitness programs and meeting the company’s requests quickly and creatively,” says Alagno. “Our team is often credited for saving the day and that we connect with all members—no matter their fitness journey.”
Alagno and his 22-member team meet the needs of 3,500 employees on campus as well as 1,500 remote employees. The company’s diverse workforce ranges from scientists to corporate office workers to blue collar employees working different hours and multiple shifts.
The 15,000 square-foot Live Well Fitness Center includes three group classrooms—with staff providing 50 group exercise classes weekly. One-third of the square footage is dedicated to equipment space with a variety of fitness equipment. 

“What we lack in square footage in comparison to commercial clubs we make up for with our incredible staff, fitness center cleanliness and our new and innovative equipment,” he says. “You don’t typically see our equipment in a corporate fitness or commercial fitness center.”
The unique equipment includes: 
  • Concept 2 SkiErg—a skiing machine that provides a total body workout using the motions of cross country skiing.
  • Jacobs Ladder—a rotation ladder to climb for cardiovascular endurance
  • VersaClimbers—a rock climbing motion for cardio vertical training
  • Glute Ham machines—a machine used to develop glutes, hamstrings and lower back muscles
  • Echo bikes—a strong, sturdy fan bike
Creatively driving membership
One of the company requests included asking Alagno and his team to meet the fitness needs of the first and second shift employees without adding headcount to the HealthFitness staff.
To meet this need, Alagno expanded the fitness center’s hours to include 5 a.m. to midnight Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. The center is staffed from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. but members can use the fitness center unstaffed before and after regular hours. “This is a step in the right direction to help the second and third shift employees. It helps increase membership and utilization of the gym,” he says.
The corporate campus is 165 acres and the Live Well Fitness Center is located near the front of the campus. It takes most employees 10 minutes to walk to the fitness center, so Alagno and his team developed creative ways to entice employees to check out the fitness center.
For example, a membership incentive program allows employees who check-in 12 times per month to receive their monthly $15 membership fee back in their paychecks. “We have members who haven’t had to pay their fees for a year or more because they meet their 12 times per month minimum.”
The expanded hours and check-in incentive program has increased monthly membership by about 60 members and monthly check-ins by more than 500 visits per month.
Creating a recovery space
With a growing interest in recovery equipment, Alagno purchased dozens of pieces of equipment, including compression boots, zero gravity chairs, percussion devices and deep muscle massagers. “Anyone who lives an active lifestyle will have some aches and pains. The recovery equipment adds a new reason for employees to come to the fitness center,” he says.
Alagno and his team have expanded the recovery space for several events both inside and outside the facility. “We use the space to support various business groups on campus. If a group has a stressful deadline, the managers request us to come over to do stretch breaks, energy breaks and provide the recovery equipment. These activities help employees feel better and reduce injury risks.”
Recovery on the road
The team also goes on the road to meet employees in the field, including the biggest company sales event of the year, where they brought the programs and recovery equipment to 1,100 sales people.
“We held a back health seminar, stretch and energy breaks, and created a recovery space with dozens of pieces of equipment to offer relief for people going from meeting to meeting,” he says. “The recovery space was a hit and we received rave reviews in the survey results.”
Not only did the recovery space encourage employees to take a break, but an employee who was suffering from severe edema in her legs tried out the pressurized boots. “After the event, she wrote our team a three paragraph email to thank us for providing the equipment at the conference and shared how using it changed her life,” he says. “Now that she feels comfortable with the equipment, she is going to invest in a personal pair of pressurized boots.”
Alagno has many stories of how the unique equipment draws people into the fitness center. “They may not participate in group fitness, but they want to use the recovery equipment,” he says. “Once they have a great experience with using the equipment they are more likely to join.” 
Reaching the remote workforce
With 1,500 employees working in the field, Alagno has appointed a full-time employee to focus on outreach and engaging remote workers. “We produce educational sessions and record a week’s worth of exercise videos at a time and send them to our remote employees,” he says. The team also sends a monthly newsletter and runs quarterly programs that are field friendly to build community. “This robust outreach program has set the team up for success now that we are all working from home due to the fitness center temporarily closing due to COVID-19.”   
Bringing your best self to work
Alagno came to the diagnostics company more than two years ago after working 20 years in the fitness business and nine years at HealthFitness. “I hit the ground running at the company and I haven’t looked back,” he says. “We’ve been on a full sprint for two years and there is no sign of stopping. It’s rewarding when you can see your thoughts and ideas come to fruition.”
Alagno appreciates that the company supports experimenting and trying new things. “My team is encouraged to be as ‘out-of-the-box’ and as innovative as possible to bring value to the members,” he says. “When we get in front of members that’s where we really shine!”
Beyond the equipment and group exercise, Alagno is proud of the impact his team has on membership and their entire campus. “The employees appreciate the energy and positivity we bring to the campus,” he says. “Our team enjoys coming to work each day. You never work a day in your life if you love what you do.”
Alagno is grateful for his team and the support he receives from HealthFitness. “Fitness has never been stronger at the company,” he says. “The future is looking really bright.”

Posted on April 25, 2020