Case Studies

Health Management

University of Louisville
Case Study

The University of Louisville (UofL) launched Get Healthy Now in 2005 as a voluntary, incentive-based program designed to nurture a culture of health, engage employees, contain health care costs and decelerate the rate of increase in UofL’s overall cost of coverage. A 2012-2013 ROI analysis found UofL health management program participants saw an average claims savings of $1,300.

Piedmont Natural Gas
Interactive Infographic

Learn how Piedmont’s commitment to employee health is creating a culture of health that retains—and attracts—top talent.


As a health care organization, Avera places as a top priority not only the health of its patients, but also the health and well-being of its employees. Avera partnered with HealthFitness to launch its corporate wellness program.

Auto parts manufacturer
Case Study

A leading auto parts manufacturer provides a robust corporate wellness solution with on-site HealthFitness staff working to build a culture of health for the company’s 12,000 employees in 18 manufacturing plants throughout the United States.

Health Management and Corporate Fitness

Case Study: Manufacturing company

The world’s leading producer of agricultural products partners with HealthFitness to create a blended approach to corporate wellness, providing health management programs to 5,000 employees in 24 locations and corporate fitness services to the company’s 12 on-site fitness centers.

Corporate Fitness

Case Study: Financial institution

A leading financial institution partnered with HealthFitness in 2012 to build a 10,000-square-foot corporate fitness facility. As a result, membership has increased more than 60 percent, making the fitness center a valuable asset for the company, its employees and the tenants of the building.

Case Study: Global manufacturer

Keeping employees safe and injury-free is a priority for this global manufacturer of consumer goods. So much so, in fact, that the company designed a program for employees similar to what professional athletes use to condition themselves for peak performance.

Client Profile: Applied Materials

In 2012, Applied Materials, a technology company with campuses in Santa Clara, Calif., and Austin, Texas, selected HealthFitness to provide corporate fitness services. The project included transitioning six corporate fitness centers, three on each campus, and the development of the new AMP Wellness Center at the Santa Clara site. With a spa-like feel and adjoining medical clinic, the AMP Wellness Center provides one location for employee wellness.

Client Profile: University of Louisville

The University of Louisville contracted HealthFitness in 2013 to renovate its campus gym into a state-of-the-art wellness center. The newly updated 22,000-square-foot facility is known as the Get Healthy Now Center.

Case Study: Car manufacturer

This Midwest auto manufacturer partnered with HealthFitness to manage its three wellness centers and provide creative programming and delivery for its 25,000 employees.

Case Study: Biotechnology company

Caring for the health of its 9,200 employees is a priority at this leading biotechnology company. If employees need a quick energy boost, they can take any of 91 free exercise classes offered weekly at the company's 24,000 square foot fitness center.

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