Infusing a Culture of Health

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Spokes in the teamwork wheel

I recently led a team building exercise in which different teams had 90 minutes to assemble 13 bicycles for donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Lake County in Illinois. After correctly answering trivia questions, each team was given the necessary parts, tools and instructions. Good natured taunting, not surprisingly, ensued. But recognizing the time limitations and the task at hand, we quickly got to work. In the end, a series of well-deserving kids received new bicycles, along with locks ... Read More >


Fitness wearables market keeps ticking

If you are planning to add wearables to your corporate wellness program, you’re in good company. The number of companies expected to use wearables for corporate wellness is projected to skyrocket in the next several years. In fact: Employers will integrate more than 13 million wearables into their employee wellness programs by 2018. Three out of four employers are exploring the use of personalized digital technologies, including wearables, to encourage greater activity among their employees. 41 percent ... Read More >

Piedmont Innovates a Healthy Culture

Piedmont builds a culture that supports employee wellness

Smart companies know that a happy employee is a productive employee. And job seekers are paying attention to which companies walk the walk when it comes to addressing employee health. Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are leading this trend as they, more than any other generation in the workforce, are most likely to want employers to play an active role in supporting their overall health and well-being, according to a 2014 survey by Aon Hewitt and the National Business ... Read More >

Grand building

Congress takes action on wellness program incentives

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is widely considered one of the most polarizing pieces of legislation to come out of Washington, D.C., in recent years. Since its 2010 introduction, support for—and opposition to—the law has been sharply divided along partisan lines. Yet one tenet of the ACA—the provisions concerning workplace wellness programs—has consistently received wide bipartisan support. The ACA establishes new incentives and builds upon existing wellness program regulations to promote employer wellness programs and encourage opportunities to support healthier workplaces. Workers ... Read More >

employee health nutrition

The powerful impact of food on employee productivity

A quick search for “best diet” brings 3.5 million results on YouTube and 447,000 results on Google. At the top of the Google search, U.S. News recently posted a “Best Diets” review, giving the DASH Diet a number one rating. Yet, when it comes to diet—defined as “the kinds of food a person habitually eats”—there is no-one-size-fits-all approach that can support each individual’s lifestyle goals. In an online poll, 1,057 ... Read More >

Wellstar Health System

Addressing the unhealthy habits of health care employees

Ideally, health care workers would be a model of good health—leading by example with healthy lifestyles. However, it’s a surprising fact: Health care workers are among the unhealthiest in the American workforce. A study from Truven Health Analytics found that compared to the U.S. workforce, health care employees and their dependents rate lower for completing preventive screenings, are 46 percent more likely to be diagnosed with obesity and 20 percent more likely to be diagnosed with ... Read More >

Three questions from a group

Three questions to ask—and answer—to jumpstart your corporate wellness program

Once you build the gleaming gym, hire first-rate coaches and provide lucrative incentives, your company will have the perfect workplace health management program, right? Wrong. First, there is no “perfect.” Second, while you are waiting for perfect, you end up with no program—or at best, a mediocre one. “Better a flawed diamond than a perfect pebble,” as Confucius is credited with saying. One thing is certain: There is no flawless design. If you set your sights on the “perfect” program, you set yourself ... Read More >

Tractor building and image on a monitor

How to build grassroots support for your wellness program

How does a leading global manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment provide a corporate wellness solution to thousands of employees spread across multiple sites throughout the United States? To meet the needs of more than 12,000 employees at 20 locations we leverage a wellness champion network of more than 30 employees across the organization. Wellness champions help build employee awareness and increase engagement in the company's corporate wellness programs. By creating a team of local wellness champions, employees at sites throughout the ... Read More >

Healthy lifestyle icons

Corporate support drives employee wellness programs

According to Towers Watson research, nearly half of employers believe that health and productivity programs are essential to their workplace—and 84 percent plan to increase support of these programs over the next two years. However, only three in 10 employers state that they have effectively communicated a strategy and value proposition, making it difficult for employees to understand the purpose of these programs and their roles in them. Companies are beginning to understand the importance and ... Read More >

Heartbeat monitor showing cardio symbols

Worksite wellness activates aging workforces to do well

2015 will be a milestone year for me as well as for Katarina Witt, Mario Lemieux and a couple of my favorite football players: Rod Woodson and Greg Lloyd from the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all turn 50 next year! We’re part of the aging in America trend. In fact, each year, more than 3.5 million baby boomers turn 55. Although 50 may not be the new 30, our 50s aren’t what they used to be, especially in terms of life span ... Read More >

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