Piedmont Natural Gas

A Health Culture

Piedmont Natural Gas is a North Carolina-based natural gas distributor with 1,900 employees. This smart employer uses corporate wellness to retain—and attract—top talent, and it's working. The average age of Piedmont employees is 47, with an average tenure of 16 years.

Piedmont is an excellent example of how setting workplace wellness solutions in place now helps support today's workforce—as well as future generations.

Corporate Wellness Tools

In 2007, Piedmont partnered with HealthFitness to build and integrate its corporate wellness program, Live for Life, into the company culture to improve employee health, and ultimately, help the company contain rising health care costs.

Over the years, the company's commitment to corporate wellness has made it an attractive benefit to new employees. Live for Life includes:

Committing to a Culture of Health

In partnership with HealthFitness, Piedmont has innovatively built a culture that fosters improvements in employee health. Ways that Piedmont supports wellness:

Results Show Positive Impact

Since Live for Life launched in 2007:

Average number of high health risks across the population decreased from 2.49 to 1.82.


In 2014:

Top 3 Improvements in 2014

Activity Improvement

Physical activity

(90 minutes or more moderate exercise per week)


Increased by 19.5%

Food Improvement

Fruit & veggie consumption

(Three or more servings a day)


Increased by 22.8%

Cholesterol Improvement

Cholesterol risk

(High risk; greater than 240)


Decreased by 7.3%