Find the latest insights and real-world examples from our corporate wellness experts.


Find the latest insights and real-world examples from our corporate wellness experts.

Walking the talk: How leaders activate well-being

According to the 2016 Consumer Health Mindset Report, employees perceive that the health and wellness support they receive through their employers has improved over the last three years—but there is still room to grow. Nearly half (44 percent) of employees believe their employer is extremely or very supportive in getting and keeping them healthy, and more than one-third (37 percent) feel the same about their direct manager or department head. Yet a key missing ingredient for a successful wellness program ... Read More >

Helping employees find purpose

If you asked employees at your company to describe their purpose, what would they say? How many people have paused and reflected on this question so they can quickly respond? Having purpose is a key element of emotional well-being that can have a powerful impact on health and overall well-being. Here are just a few examples: A meta-analysis of 10 studies and data on more than 137,000 people by Mount Sinai Medical Center found that a high ... Read More >

Empower your employees with health advocacy

When it comes to understanding their health and wellness benefits, today’s employees often face a challenging reality that may leave them burdened, confused and frustrated. Here's why: Burdened by health care costs. Employees are burdened by the rising cost of health care and the greater responsibility for managing it. A recent survey shows that nearly a third of Americans said the cost of health care was the economy's largest financial burden. And the 2016 Consumer Health Mindset Report states that ... Read More >

I’m not only the CFO; I’m also a participant: My own (never-ending) ROI journey

I completed the New York Marathon this fall and I am quite proud of my accomplishment. But more meaningful to me is the journey toward a healthier lifestyle that brought me to the starting line and continues to propel me forward. I sometimes need to stop and remind myself that what I have been able to experience and overcome along the way is so much more meaningful than a single race or event. My journey began with a health assessment and screening ... Read More >

The road to well-being begins with “getting” your employees

New research from the National Business Group on Health reinforces what we’ve been observing for quite some time—that a growing number of employers are broadening their definition of wellness to include dimensions of well-being beyond physical health. Employers are increasingly looking at employee health from a whole-person view, recognizing its physical, social, emotional, financial and environmental dimensions. Recognizing that the definition of employee health has expanded, we must look at all dimensions when we consider the health of an ... Read More >

Building buzz for wellness

A new survey reveals that today’s employers are expanding wellness programs to address issues that affect worker productivity, such as stress, emotional and financial well-being. According to recent research from the National Business Group on Health and Fidelity Employer Survey, 84 percent of employers plan to continue or expand their employee wellness programs in the next three to five years. Amidst this changing landscape, we at HealthFitness use several creative approaches at our client sites to build a buzz around ... Read More >

Creating a culture of health at the University of Louisville

If you’re looking to instill a culture of health at your organization, a crucial first step is making a lasting change. But that first requires acknowledging that you have a challenge, and then taking action. Our client, University of Louisville (UofL), started its employee wellness program as a health care cost containment strategy. Like many large organizations near the turn of the century, UofL was experiencing double-digit increases in employee health insurance rates. UofL launched its “Get Healthy Now” employee wellness program ... Read More >

5 ways to help employees fit fiber into their day

The average American eats about 16 grams of fiber each day. This is considerably well below the Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily consumption of fiber: For women: 25 grams per day for ages 19-50 21 grams for ages 51 and older For men: 38 grams per day for ages 19-50 30 grams per day for ages 51 and older Your employees may have heard that eating plenty of fiber is good for their health, but they may not fully understand the overall benefits of adding ... Read More >

The value of on-site health screenings

When properly integrated with a corporate wellness plan, research shows that biometric screenings can help reduce health risks, improve health status, reduce health care costs, and improve workplace productivity and performance. Seventy-four percent of employers now include a biometric screening as part of their workplace wellness program and this number is likely to rise as more companies get a sense of the value they can provide employees. Here’s a look at ways employers are using screenings to ... Read More >

Igniting worksite wellness with strategic communications

A recent study confirmed what we’ve been observing firsthand for quite some time—that corporate wellness programs are most effective in companies that develop a consistent, all-inclusive culture of health and a clear communications strategy. The study, “Promoting Healthy Workplaces by Building Cultures of Health and Applying Strategic Communications,” published in the February edition of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM), states that strategic communications are becoming one of the most critical building blocks for those seeking to ... Read More >

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