Find the latest insights and real-world examples from our corporate wellness experts.


Find the latest insights and real-world examples from our corporate wellness experts.

Stretching employee engagement in health and wellness

How do you engage a geographically dispersed, mostly sedentary workforce? By giving employees stretch bands to help break up the amount of time spent sitting during the workday—and ultimately fit fitness into their day. Here’s how our client, leading financial services company, Edward Jones, approached this challenge and stretched employee engagement in health and wellness! Investing in employees Edward Jones places a top priority on the health and well-being of its employees, partnering with HealthFitness to build and integrate its corporate wellness program, ... Read More >

Building a roadmap to healthy lifestyles

In a recent blog, Prioritizing employee healthy behaviors, we shared the recent research from our Science and Analytics team. The research aimed to help our clients set priorities by analyzing the behaviors of a 134,000-employee subset of wellness program participants from 2014 to 2015 and then recommended the study population focus on specific behaviors and take steps toward better health and wellness. We ultimately determined that by focusing on improving specific behaviors, participants may lose as much as 10 ... Read More >

Prioritizing employee healthy behaviors

As an employer offering a wellness program, your top goal is to maximize healthy lifestyles among your employee population. Healthy lifestyles include healthy behaviors to maintain or add and unhealthy behaviors to reduce or avoid. Yet given limited time and resources, it’s crucial to stay focused on the unique needs of your population so that your program can have the greatest impact. Recently, our Science and Analytics team aimed to help our clients set priorities by analyzing the behaviors of a ... Read More >

Demonstrating the investment value of employee wellness programs

As CFO, I constantly find myself taking multiple mindsets into consideration. I need to consider what investments are best for the company and its associates—and definitely what investments are best for our clients. But I also am a user of my own company’s product, a participant in an employee wellness program. And if I can’t believe in the program, then I can’t invest in it. Within our industry, much has been said and written around the concept of return on investment ... Read More >

Be the river: Managing change in your organization

This past June I stood on the summit of Alaska’s Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America and the capstone of my seven-year journey to reach the highest natural point in all 50 states. I was now a member of what is known in climbing circles as the High Pointers Club, literally breathing rarified air at over 20,000 feet that I could feel searing my lungs. Standing there, exhausted, chilled by sub-zero temperatures that put Chicagoland winters to shame, exhilarated ... Read More >

New research supports leadership activation of employee health

Would you think twice about going to a gym that urged you to shape up but where the trainers never exercise? How likely are you to take a walking break during the workday when your manager never leaves their desk? These examples illustrate a cultural disconnect that can create barriers to engagement. A company’s culture can be affected when health, wellness and fitness programs are said to be a priority but the reality reflects something different. For example, one challenge facing ... Read More >

Stacking up healthy changes: New research identifies success factors for reducing employee BMI

From office conference rooms to the floors of manufacturing plants, employers are worried about workplace obesity. To help combat obesity and improve the overall health of their employees, more than 84 percent of employers offer wellness programs. However, obesity remains a common, serious and costly issue—and at HealthFitness, employees at our client sites are no exception. Recently, our Science and Analytics team set out to determine how we can stem the tide. Tracking more than 123,000 participants in our ... Read More >

Putting passion into action: Sharing our roadmap to higher employee participation rates

Like those in other industries, all of us in employee health and well-being are experiencing change at an accelerated pace. Our client and vendor partner expectations, as well as our own, are higher than they’ve ever been. Employee participants are looking to engage with corporate wellness programs via a personalized, customized approach that mirrors their experience with the world’s leading consumer brands. Recognizing this permanently altered business landscape, we set out to gain insight that would help us chart the ... Read More >


Employees don’t get the flu shot? Reasons to change this

Last year, only 42 percent of adults received the flu vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although reasons vary from person to person, people commonly avoid the flu vaccine because either they think it will cause them to get the flu or they think it doesn’t work. Neither are accurate. In randomized, blinded studies, where some people received flu shots and others were given salt-water shots, the only differences in symptoms were increased soreness in the arm ... Read More >

More sweat, less stress. Boost employee health with on-site fitness

For many employers, meeting today’s marketplace demands without overworking or overwhelming employees is a challenge. However, employers that overlook the impact of workplace stress on their employees may risk losing top performers to competitors that offer better work/life balance—and better benefits focused on employee health. The importance of managing stress Research shows that 42 percent of adults say they are not doing enough to manage their stress—and as many as 20 percent of adults report that they never engage in activities that ... Read More >

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