Find the latest insights and real-world examples from our corporate wellness experts.


Find the latest insights and real-world examples from our corporate wellness experts.

Health coaches offer the right kind of butting in

I put smoking behind me more than 20 years ago, stubbing out a bummed cigarette and deciding I would never again smoke another. And I haven’t, but I’ve been tempted. Despite everything I know. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths every year, or 1 of every 5 deaths. But those figures don’t necessarily motivate the millions ... Read More >

Use wellness champions to help spread the health

Looking to increase employee participation and boost engagement in your wellness program? Build a network of wellness champions to help ensure your wellness program is successfully implemented and continues fostering a culture of health and wellness at your site. Wellness champions are company employees who, in addition to their day jobs, help build awareness and increase engagement of your wellness programs. Our research shows that almost 75 percent of employees say a personal touch is important in their health, wellness ... Read More >

Research: 70 percent of medical cost savings comes from employees using health coaches

The latest buzz in the world of corporate wellness has been focused primarily on technology—from sport watches and health monitors to fitness apps and sleep trackers. Companies are rightfully seeking ways to integrate these new technologies into their wellness programs, hoping to drive stronger employee participation and engagement. Even though we’re hopeful, we know there is no surefire approach when it comes to supporting our employees’ health and well-being, which is comprised of physical, social, emotional, financial and environmental dimensions. And ... Read More >

University of Louisville combines wellness and fitness to boost well-being in campus community

When you invest in on-site fitness, you want the best value for services delivered. Yet, you also want an on-site fitness program that integrates well with your current program offering—and gives you a competitive advantage to attract the best talent and improve employee well-being. With HealthFitness’ award-winning on-site fitness services, you can trust our expertise to offer on-site fitness solutions to meet your unique needs. HealthFitness brings the right people, plan and programs to make your on-site fitness center a more ... Read More >

A view from on-site

I’m coming up on a year since I joined HealthFitness—prior to spending a large part of my career with sister company CoreSource—and to be honest with you, I’m going to miss my “new guy” status. Being the new guy has enabled me to ask questions and challenge assumptions; not accept “because that’s how we’ve always done things” as an answer. It’s also allowed me to travel throughout the country and meet many of our 5,000+ associates whose passion helps makes ... Read More >

When content begets participation

For the past few years I’ve been using the free version of the Spotify music listening service. I created playlists for my morning runs, or while I was making dinner and everything in between. I liked that the service tracked my activity to recommend certain songs and artists to create a personalized listening experience. But I didn’t like certain limitations, such as not being able to listen offline, and not fast forward on an unlimited basis. And I didn’t like ... Read More >

Coaching participation measurably impacts healthy behaviors

We recently conducted research which shows that a personalized approach is needed to drive wellness program participation. According to our survey, almost 75% of wellness program participants say personal touch is important in their health, wellness and fitness program and preferably should come from knowledgeable “live” experts—like our coaches and specialists— who are credible, engaging, easy to access and provide one-on-one support for their specific needs. This personalized approach to wellness, made possible through our coaches, is leading to measurable changes ... Read More >

Health coaching: Employees’ loss is your gain

We have found that among our clients, health coaching offers measurable cost savings, greater impact compared to other wellness program participants and a very high satisfaction among employees. Your employees’ loss, literally, is your gain. Health coaching presents more opportunities for cost savings When considering how various components of wellness programs impact medical and pharmacy costs, we have found that, based on the analysis of our clients, the 70:30 rule applies to coaching: Overall, 30% of our client participants enroll in coaching 70% ... Read More >

It’s personal: Health coaches help create a personalized participant experience

We recently conducted research on wellness program participation and found that technology, although crucially important, is only one piece of the puzzle. Participants are seeking a highly personalized experience. And programs that can offer this personalized experience, along with innovative technology, can attract and keep participants active in the wellness program. Our research shows that a personalized approach is needed to drive wellness program participation. According to our survey, almost 75 percent of wellness program participants say personal touch ... Read More >

Make physical activity convenient with virtual fitness programs

Supporting employee fitness across varied populations can be challenging. From organizations without corporate fitness centers, to companies with fitness programs looking for more variety, to geographically dispersed workforces and frequent travelers—each has unique challenges. Remote control: An increasingly virtual workforce The number of remote/virtual employees is growing. Technology helps make it seamless for today’s employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world—and research shows this trend is not slowing down. For example, a study by Global Workplace Analytics notes that ... Read More >

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