Find the latest insights and real-world examples from our corporate wellness experts.


Find the latest insights and real-world examples from our corporate wellness experts.

On-site fitness centers proving to be key recruiting tool in struggle for talent

On-site fitness centers aren’t a new concept for midsized and larger organizations. In fact, corporate gyms date all the way back to the 1880s when the National Cash Register built what may have been the first employee gym. In the 1950s and 1960s, Texas Instruments, Xerox and Rockwell all introduced employee fitness centers. Fast forward to today, and it’s not uncommon to find corporate fitness centers at many large and midsized employers across the country. But, here’s what is a relatively ... Read More >

Michelin is moving the needle: How to engage the disengaged

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a webinar with Barry Cross, Senior Director of Total Rewards-Compensation, Benefits & Retirement, Michelin North America, titled ”Michelin is moving the needle: How to engage the disengaged.” Barry and I covered how Michelin, a leader in the tire and travel-related services market for more than 127 years, aligns its well-being dimensions with business priorities and creates a long-term strategy that promotes improvement of overall health. One of Michelin’s six sustainable development priorities is to ensure ... Read More >

4 workplace well-being trends to look for in 2018

Workplace well-being programs have grown leaps and bounds in recent years, with significant contributions being made by technology and fueled by a deeper national interest in health and well-being. There are some exciting trends on the rise that we believe will help companies take their employer well-being programs to the next level, and even open up the possibility for corporate well-being “rookies” to dive in as the general focus of well-being initiatives expand beyond physical fitness. Here’s a look at four workplace ... Read More >

Lessons from the campfire

I recently had the opportunity to lead an inaugural Campfire session at this year’s HERO Forum in Phoenix, “Welcome to the Jungle: Keeping pace with the Amazon-like speed of personalization.” The campfire format was new to this year’s HERO Forum; its aim is to provide a more casual and relaxed format to share insight and discuss issues of importance to our industry. Trying to duplicate the experience of a real campfire the best I could in an ... Read More >

Improve employee health risk behavior with health coaching

Health coaching can play a pivotal role in your well-being program to support a culture of health and move employee participants along the path to wellness. When designed with the participant in mind, a coaching program provides a personalized and practical approach to meet the needs of each individual in your employee population. Whether you want employees to build healthier behaviors, or help them manage a chronic condition, a health coach can help design an approach to fit their lifestyles and ... Read More >

Support your “industry athletes” with movement efficiency solutions

Whether you are aged 8 or 88, everyone needs to move—and everyone can benefit from moving smarter, healthier and more efficiently. Movement, as we know, matters, and many of us are unaware of muscular imbalances that can lead to pain, injury and decreased movement functionality. At HealthFitness, our partnership with Fusionetics® enables us to deliver effective solutions to prevent and reduce injuries, decrease pain and optimize employee health. Initially designed for elite athletes, Fusionetics is a web-based platform and app designed ... Read More >

4 tips to get tech employees engaged in worksite wellness

4 tips to get tech employees engaged in worksite wellness

Technology employees, like many office workers, are challenged with high stress and long hours, putting them at risk for the “sitting disease”—or sitting all day at their desk—resulting in increased risk for poor health and disease. The typical reason we hear tech employees give for not engaging in workplace well-being: They perceive it takes too much time. While common threads exist between tech employees and office workers—there are some areas where they diverge. To best engage this population, ... Read More >

Help employees stress less and focus on what matters most

In today’s crazy-busy, constantly engaged world, stress is a given. Not only is stress top of mind for employees—it’s starting to impact their health. And remember that unfortunately, stress doesn’t always let up during summer—a time associated with fun activities and a more leisurely pace. Just because kids are at summer camp and vacations are in full swing doesn’t mean employees are any less stressed. Decreased immune system, digestive issues and migraines are known effects of unmanaged ... Read More >

The not so sweet truth about the impact of sugar on employee health

The average American consumes about 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day—in other words, nearly 330 calories with no nutritional value. This is substantially higher than the American Heart Association’s recommended daily consumption of added sugar: no more than 6 teaspoons (100 calories) of added sugar a day for women; no more than 9 teaspoons (150 calories) for men. What does this mean during the hot summer months when we are more likely ... Read More >

Help employees create a personalized journey to health and well-being

The best experiences are often the most personal ones. Buying a pair of new running shoes online, for example, is an easy and convenient transaction. But getting help from a “live” salesperson who is a seasoned marathoner, who listened to you describe your running habits and past injuries, and then suggested a product; well, that’s a deeper, more personal, and impactful interaction. We recently conducted research on wellness program participation and found that technology, although crucially important, is only one piece of ... Read More >

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