What is Population Health Management?

Population health management is a strategy to improve the health status of a population by focusing on the needs of that population as a whole.

We are experts in population health management. When you partner with HealthFitness, you can trust us to provide a tailored approach to your employee health program.

How we help your population
We use sophisticated data analysis predictive modeling tools to:

  • Assess the health risks of your population
  • Stratify risks along the care continuum, from low risk to high risk
  • Increase awareness of health risks for individuals in your population
  • Offer proactive health promotion and prevention programs to your population
  • Select individuals at highest risk for tailored behavior change programs
  • Evaluate clinical, financial and satisfaction outcomes on an ongoing basis, with a goal of continuous program quality improvement
Avera Health Management Learn how Avera is moving to population health management. View the infographic.

Infusing Health

We provide a proven approach to health improvement that makes it easier for you to build and maintain a healthier, more engaged workforce.

This approach is called infusion.