Persona®, HealthFitness’ proprietary behavior change model, maps a personalized path to better health based on an individual’s needs and motivations. View the slideshow below to learn about Persona, our unique approach to behavior change.

Most employee health programs ignore 65 percent of your population. Persona personalizes the approach to each participants’ needs and motivation level, producing more sustainable healthy actions across your population.

Persona looks at an entire eligible population and applies different engagement approaches based on what we learn about each participant—allowing you to reach more of your population. Persona is at the center of our innovative health management suite that personalizes the steps to better health.

With Persona, we tailor the approach used to support behavior change with each individual. Here’s how:

  1. First, we examine your employee population to gain insight that allows us to segment the employee population based on the type of behavior change needed—from eliminating unhealthy behaviors, adding healthy behaviors or reducing biometric risks.
  2. Next, we examine each individual’s motivation to change their behavior—an important step since 65 percent of the population has little motivation to change.
  3. Finally, we determine a personalized intervention approach for each individual. Interventions are designed to change behaviors that can affect the risk of chronic disease, like work-related stress or access to healthy foods.


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How It Works

When you select HealthFitness, you work with a partner who blends results-oriented programs and services into diverse company cultures. You have a highly personalized strategy, matched to your employees and culture.

And you engage more of your population in healthy behaviors.