Infusing Health

Infusion is our multi-layered approach to corporate wellness that combines fully integrated organizational support with highly personalized employee health management.

Organizational support
We recognize that employers, like people, are unique, so we tailor your program to meet your needs. Before building your health management program, we ask questions that help us understand your company culture. We learn about your goals, what you want to achieve through health management, and how you measure success. Then we apply that knowledge to create a culture of health that works within the framework of your organization’s own unique culture. This is infusion.

Personalized employee health
On the individual level, infusion is the way we interact with your participants in a personalized way. Each participant is assessed and assigned a unique combination of professional advisors, screenings and health and wellness programs. Personal interactions and progress are supported by digital tools to cultivate and maintain engagement.

The end result is better health, infused into the daily operations of your organization—what becomes your completely unique culture of health.

Video: Tour our client’s state-of-the-art fitness center. Video: Tour our client’s state-of-the-art fitness center.
Coaching Ebook

Engaging the disengaged

 Persona®, our behavior change model, tailors the approach used to support behavior change with each participant—from eliminating unhealthy behaviors, adding healthy behaviors or reducing biometric risks.

Persona maps the personal path to well-being for each participant.