At HealthFitness, we define engagement as a commitment to action. Our goal is to provide health management and corporate fitness programs that can engage 100 percent of your eligible participants in action to improve and maintain personal health.

Engaging the disengaged
Engagement in health management and corporate fitness programs requires harmony of both commitment and goals.

In worksite health management, employee engagement is more of a two-way street. Employers can design programs to achieve what they want, but they must also align program goals to what participants need and are motivated to do.

Broader engagement through Persona®
Engagement indicates alignment of purpose and values, or when extrinsic motivation (the employer’s desire for a healthy workforce) aligns with the individual’s intrinsic motivation to pursue healthy behavior change.

The quest for broader engagement is at the heart of Persona®—our new model for engagement. Persona is our proprietary behavior change model that applies the strengths of science to help individuals take steps to health improvement and long-term change.

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How We Are Innovating

At HealthFitness, we innovate to support the way our team of health professionals engages your participants in behavior change.