Expert Voices

Sean McManamy
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Product

Sean is charged with overall sales and marketing functions for the company and creates alignment around HealthFitness’ long-term growth strategy. Sean serves as a member of the executive leadership team, providing input into overall strategic direction of HealthFitness. He works to find the best ways to leverage technology to improve health management programs. Sean also serves on the Board of Directors of the Population Health Alliance. Prior to HealthFitness, he was vice president, product development and marketing for Trustmark subsidiary, CoreSource, where he developed the company’s data analytics and population health management programs.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Shifting value curve for buyers of health management
  • Competitive landscape of health management market
  • Impact of health care reform on health management purchasing (employer and health plan)

In a parallel universe, I’d be a professional writer. I didn’t pursue that path, but my passion for clarity of communication informs everything I do at HealthFitness, be it marketing, corporate strategy or information technology. My skills, talents and desires are all linked to answering the question: How do people and organizations communicate with each other more effectively? Today, you can’t answer that question without discussing technology. But more about that later.

I suppose it goes to back to my journalism studies. After graduation, I helped run political campaigns and worked with candidates to distill their messages, identifying what it was about each candidate people would connect with. Then I moved into the insurance industry, where I translated complex issues into actionable ideas.

I do that today, just in a different way. Our business—the entire industry, really—is growing more complex. The need for clarity has an immediate bearing on how we move forward with our technology solutions.

I want to find the best ways to demonstrate that technology can be leveraged to improve health management programs. Through those programs, we connect with people in different ways. When we pull that data together, we are able to use everything we know about participants to effectively engage them.

Our associates do an excellent job of creating engagement, and our technology is a tool that supports engagement. Having a single, current view of everything that’s happening allows us to coordinate our efforts across our programs. Without it, a participant could ask a question and receive three different answers, undermining our efforts.

This “unified view” enhances clarity, allowing for intelligent, data-driven conversations with participants during every encounter. For instance, if a participant calls in to reset a password, the HealthFitness associate will see if there are outstanding issues, such as completing a health risk assessment, and can talk about those opportunities during the call.

In addition, our customers want us to use technology to make management reporting more efficient. They want that “unified view”—insight into the impact of programs and interventions across their entire population and across all of our service delivery areas. Soon, they will be able to do just that.

This unified approach makes it possible for us to personalize support for each participant. We can make real-time changes and implement real-time solutions. Our people, programs and technology—including a research team committed to evaluating the art and science of health management—ensure we have the right participant in the right program at the right time.

For me, it comes back to clarity and consistency. We build and invest in technology that distills massive amounts of data into clear, digestible and actionable information that is used to transform lives. That message certainly resonates with me, but more importantly, it resonates with our clients.

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